Musical palate cleanser, don’t ask me what I think of you edition

From the first generation of Fleetwood Mac, it’s the Peter Green-penned “Oh Well”, a song I spent many of my high school days listening to.

Green is also on the short list of greatest Jewish rock guitarists.  And, yes, indeed, it is truly a short list.


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35 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, don’t ask me what I think of you edition

  1. 81Dog

    Love Green’s Hava Nagila riff in that song! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


  2. Mary Kate Danaher

    Mark Knopfler, great Jewish guitarist.


  3. PharmDawg

    Marc Bolan (fka Marc Feld).


  4. DavetheDawg

    Norman Greenbaum. Not really known for anything but his “one-hit wonder,” but what a hit. Kinda’ like Gene Chizik.

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  5. Normaltown Mike

    What about Atlanta’s own Jewish singer songwriter heart breakers Evan & Jaron?


  6. truck

    Senator, if you don’t already have it you should pick up the Fleetwood Mac boxed set “Jumping At Shadows.” It’s a great cross-section of Peter’s material from side projects to the Mac.


  7. Russ

    Great song, one of my favorites. You could also throw “Black Magic Woman” in there, though Carlos made it famous.


  8. rchris

    One of my fave as well. Early FMc was a completely different animal than the later incarnation.


  9. mwo

    Does Kinky Friedman count or just his band?


  10. Muttley

    Great pick- you’ve got me on an early FM kick now- just spun “Hypnotized” and going in for the original “Sentimental Lady” now. I might also have to make a serious academic foray into the Yiddish school of lead guitar.


  11. illini84

    Petty did a nice cover of Oh Well.


  12. Final question in a trivia contest I was in: Name the band that first recorded Oh Well. Winner, winner, right here.
    Great song.


  13. David K.

    I highly recommend the Peter Green documentary on Amazon Video. It’s free with your Prime. Fleetwood Mac have such an interesting story and the Peter Green years get glossed over as a prologue to what came after. But they were truly an incredible band. Peter Green was a genius guitar player, easily in the same conversation with Clapton or anyone else.


  14. mdcgtp

    Does Geddy Lee count or do we only count him as a vocalist?


  15. Ed Kilgore

    Lou Reed played a little guitar in the early days.


  16. Ed Kilgore

    And Robbie Robertson was sorta kinda Jewish. He definitely could play guitar.