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“… I had to go with what I know, and this is where I wanted to be.”

Three things that don’t change:  death, taxes and Nick Chubb.

Last Thursday Nick Chubb was wrapping up his second workout of the day. Typically he’d have a third, but with the NFL combine approaching, his prep training was winding down.

Nearly 30 minutes into the workout, he completed six sets of two 315-pound squats—with resistance bands tied to the bar—with ease. Then he cleaned 335 pounds eight times without a hint of sweat on his brow.

Chubb, the former Georgia running back considered by many to be a top-50 prospect in April’s NFL draft, took the 45-pound plates off the bar, ready to return them to their place in the weight room. But first he had to wait on 18 high schoolers to finish their high-stretches on the other side of the room.

Rather than training in South Florida or going to a glitzy performance facility such as EXOS or IMG, as has become the tradition among each class of draft prospects, Chubb opted for familiarity for his NFL combine prep, and that means working out in his town of fewer than 10,000 people at the Cedartown High School gym that he has to share with weight-lifting classes.

You gotta love it.



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PSA, for Dawg fans in Gator land

While the Florida Legislature apparently has put the kibosh on those awesome “UCF National Champions” license plates, it’s evidently going to allow the state to offer something of interest to us runner-up folks.

Under the measure (HB 1359) Florida would sell license plates that tout two out-of-state universities: Auburn and Georgia. Proceeds from the tags would provide scholarships to Florida residents who attend the two schools.

Wear it and be wonderful, peeps.


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Georgia, still on his mind

Mark Richt’s reportedly made a hire to replace his defensive line coach who departed for greener pastures in Tuscaloosa.

InsideTheU has learned that Atlanta Falcons defensive assistant Jess Simpson is expected to be Miami’s next defensive line coach.

Simpson is billed as one of the most successful coaches in Georgia prep football history. He was the head coach at Buford High for 12 seasons and won seven state titles. The Auburn graduate spent the 2016 season as Georgia State’s defensive line/assistant head coach.

Interesting move, no?  I would assume that means Miami intends to recruit Richt’s old stomping grounds more heavily.



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Embracing the fake juice

Please, Dan Mullen, please:  schedule a black out for the Cocktail Party.


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Lotta ‘yoots in the secondary

Looking at Anthony Dasher’s preview of Georgia’s defensive backs, I count a mere four upperclassmen (juniors and seniors) out of a total of seventeen.  There are twice as many freshmen and redshirt freshmen.

It will be interesting to watch the composition of the two-deep as the season progresses, that’s for sure.


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