“… I had to go with what I know, and this is where I wanted to be.”

Three things that don’t change:  death, taxes and Nick Chubb.

Last Thursday Nick Chubb was wrapping up his second workout of the day. Typically he’d have a third, but with the NFL combine approaching, his prep training was winding down.

Nearly 30 minutes into the workout, he completed six sets of two 315-pound squats—with resistance bands tied to the bar—with ease. Then he cleaned 335 pounds eight times without a hint of sweat on his brow.

Chubb, the former Georgia running back considered by many to be a top-50 prospect in April’s NFL draft, took the 45-pound plates off the bar, ready to return them to their place in the weight room. But first he had to wait on 18 high schoolers to finish their high-stretches on the other side of the room.

Rather than training in South Florida or going to a glitzy performance facility such as EXOS or IMG, as has become the tradition among each class of draft prospects, Chubb opted for familiarity for his NFL combine prep, and that means working out in his town of fewer than 10,000 people at the Cedartown High School gym that he has to share with weight-lifting classes.

You gotta love it.



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21 responses to ““… I had to go with what I know, and this is where I wanted to be.”

  1. merk

    Hope we get to see Chubb and Michel get some NFL MVP or Offensive PoY love in the coming years.

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  2. 202dawg

    Will always be up there with favorite Dawgs for me. Never change, 27.

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  3. Silver Britches

    Sure hope that Nick can finally get himself in shape for the Combine.


  4. dubyadee

    I wanted to say that I hope Chubb makes more money than he knows what to do with, but I am not sure that is a high bar.

    So, I hope he makes more money than my wife would know what to do with.

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  5. Hunkering Hank

    Genetic freak hard working badasses can get away with that. But I do hope he is getting some advice on some of his training. There’s a lot that can be done these days to work on just about anyone’s weaknesses.


  6. Derek

    I just hope he gets in the right place. Not everyone is designed for downhill running anymore. So many offenses are about spreading things out and getting people in space. The league is a better fit for Sony right now.

    Seattle may be ready to replace “beast mode.” That could be a fit for Nick.


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      My own thought about downhill running is that we went with a plan to run Nick into the line more just to make sure we kept opponents honest, and that Nick knew that and did what he could, and that benefited the offense as a whole. I have no doubt that he could used differently to great success. He catches well, he blocks well, and when out in space no one person brings him down very often. I think he is very much similar to TGIII and no one would say he was not a fit for today’s NFL offenses.


      • Derek

        I don’t know that Nick is the same sort of athlete that Gurley is. Nick seems to me to be in the Herschel Walker, Derrick Henry mold. Big fast and strong but not full speed in every direction on the first step. They need some space carved out for them to get to the next level, to full speed, and then they are a terror to defenses.

        Your bo Jackson’s and Barry sanders’s and gurley’s and hardly need any blocking at all. Any bit of daylight will do. They run away from the big guys and then run over/around/past the little ones. Some guys just have really quick feet and some don’t. In short, you shouldn’t put Marshawn Lynch in Chip Kelly’s offense and Alvin Kamara wouldn’t have been Vince’s first choice to be his I back. Both great players. Different capabilities.

        Nick needs to go somewhere where they want to be physical and push people around.


        • dubyadee

          Nick has also shown great vision and his bounce to a cutback lane is as good as any I have ever seen. IMO, the shift in our offensive blocking philosophy under Smart was not good for Nick. Every team uses man blocking, zone blocking and combo concepts these days, but, at the risk of over simplifying, I would like to see him with a team that uses a little more zone.


  7. Spence

    I actually don’t love this. There’s a lot of places that really truly help players learn to run faster with specialized programs. He needs speed at the combine to up his draft stock, and grinding weights in his highschool gym isn’t going to do that.

    Hope I’m wrong.



    Damn Good Dawg


  9. Frisbee Dawg

    anybody else think it odd he met with an agent during the season and after the SECCG????


    • “Long-time agent Pat Dye Jr. met with Chubb early in his senior season and, as part of the routine checklist”. See that word there, “routine”.


    • dubyadee

      Meeting with agents is allowed, and most teams even provide the venue so they can control it. I have heard Saban talk about this.