Lotta ‘yoots in the secondary

Looking at Anthony Dasher’s preview of Georgia’s defensive backs, I count a mere four upperclassmen (juniors and seniors) out of a total of seventeen.  There are twice as many freshmen and redshirt freshmen.

It will be interesting to watch the composition of the two-deep as the season progresses, that’s for sure.



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17 responses to “Lotta ‘yoots in the secondary

  1. A lot of youth … and also a lot of talent. I think there’s going to be enough chicken to make chicken salad in the secondary.

    The other thing that jumps out at me is that a lot of those guys are going to be contributing on special teams.


    • Macallanlover

      Agree, there is enough talent in the secondary group to survive this lack of experienced upperclassmen. Cannot say I would feel that way without Baker’s return at CB. Several of these younger guys have gotten game reps, and been in the system for 1-2 years with hundreds of practices and meetings. We have known all along our defense would be vulnerable early on in 2018, but there is every reason to trust this staff that the guys we have landed int the past 3 recruiting cycles can perform at this level. Fortunately, our offense can provide cover during the regular season, and we won’t face a Top Gun type QB until Mizzou.


    • Jt (the other one)

      Also agree…the talent in the Fr/Soph. classes are better overall than the Jr/Sr. Baker isn’t going to lose his job to anyone…nor will Reed, I can see some serious competition for the other 3 starting positions…


  2. Dawg1

    Judge Chamberlain Haller: Uh… did you say ‘yutes’?
    Vinny Gambini: Yeah, two yutes.
    Judge Chamberlain Haller: What is a yute?
    Vinny Gambini: Oh, excuse me, your honor…Two youths.


  3. ApalachDawg

    Monticello GA


    • Hill Billy Dawg

      One of many movies about Alabama, that were filmed in Georgia. On another note, I think we should have very good secondary this year.


  4. Mayor

    The secondary will be the most improved part of the team next season precisely because of the “yoots.”


  5. Keese

    What’s the whispers on DeAngelo Gibbs?


  6. Derek

    Short people need not apply.

    Tucker’s ringtone is probably this: https://youtu.be/mrjStSqu_w4


  7. artful codger

    Liked the comment a player attributed to CKS last year as to ‘no finesse corners’.


  8. Otto

    At a glance it looks like UGA has about 1 string with game experience that would be legitimate starters, which makes early season games against SC and LSU a bit nervous especially given substantial turnover in the front 7 as well. I do trust this staff more than any we have witnessed in Athens in some time. Hopefully the red shirts learned well playing in practice.

    Macallanlover is correct on the offense, I expect to see Swift put up some big #s in yards and total carries. I’d love to see Swift out rush LSU in Baton Rouge.


  9. Scorpio Jones, III

    “It was an overall good year for the secondary, although there were some hiccups along the way.” Sarah Huckabee Sanders.


  10. W Cobb Dawg

    Fine article on our DBs. Any defensive backfield that returns Baker, Reed and McGhee is gonna be a good one. Gotta be impressed with the sheer numbers of good candidates. Then there’s the athleticism, size and speed! And you can’t discount the experience several of these players received as backups, on STs, on the scout team, during extra practices through the playoffs, and as early enrollees.

    I know all of us are looking forward to a monster OL developing. I see the same potential for the defensive backfield.


  11. Tyrique McGhee’s opening pick against Tennessee might be the most impressive interception I have ever seen from a Georgia player. Nothing says “you’re totally screwed” like picking the most simple route in your tree on play #1.