PSA, for Dawg fans in Gator land

While the Florida Legislature apparently has put the kibosh on those awesome “UCF National Champions” license plates, it’s evidently going to allow the state to offer something of interest to us runner-up folks.

Under the measure (HB 1359) Florida would sell license plates that tout two out-of-state universities: Auburn and Georgia. Proceeds from the tags would provide scholarships to Florida residents who attend the two schools.

Wear it and be wonderful, peeps.



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25 responses to “PSA, for Dawg fans in Gator land

  1. mwo

    I’ll be in Gainesville April 2nd and 3rd for my youngest daughter to visit their business school. I’m dropping her and her mom off at the door then getting off that campus. I’ll pick them up that afternoon. Just can’t bring myself to stay for the tour. Want me to deface anything while I’m there?


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    Wait, the state of Florida is gonna provide schollies for their kids to attend UGA? Kirby’s getting the preferred walk-on offers ready as I write this…


  3. 3rdandGrantham

    As a former Floridian for quite a few years, I’d tread lightly on putting anything UGA related on your car, unless its a beater that you don’t mind getting vandalized. I had one of those subtle border plates on mine, and I had all sorts of stuff done to my SUV as a result. As soon as I took the UGA plate off, everything stopped. And this was during a period when UF utterly dominated us in football, so I would suspect the hatred is far worse now.


  4. Biggen

    I live in Florida so I’m actually excited about this!


  5. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    If you can’t lick em’, Join em’.


  6. Spike

    They had a proposal last year to make available UGA tags for us Florida Dawgs.. but it didn’t get out of committee. I’m in for one!!!


  7. Ginny

    I will definitely be purchasing one.


  8. Otto

    I think UGA should stop offering plates for Schools whose home state does not offer UGA tags.


  9. AusDawg85

    Got mine in Texas. Bought the multi-year package. Put my company name on it as “Go Dawgs” etc. were already taken.

    First time some idiot cuts me off, I think about offering a one finger salute and then realize…I have a unique tag, with my company name that leads to a Google search of who, where, etc. I be. I am now the MOST polite driver in all of Texas.

    Moral of the story…keep it generic.


  10. MurphDawg

    I’ll get one if they make them available. I see a fair number of Dawg fans down here in the Tampa area. I’ve been fortunate (or park in good places), I might get some good-natured ribbing from the jort nation crowd but no one has touched my vehicle due to the UGA front plate or window sticker.


  11. Dawg in Lutz

    Can’t wait to get mine here in the Tampa area


  12. Jt (the other one)

    Oh my goodness!!!!
    I live in Tampa…I want one…please pass this…if they don’t there are worse things in life…