Sure, they’re laughing about it now…

No pressure, Jimbo.

If new football coach Jimbo Fisher didn’t quite get the message of what Texas A&M chancellor John Sharp expects of him, Sharp put it in writing.

By awarding Fisher a national championship plaque – of the future.

“… You get to fill in the date,” a chuckling Sharp said, in handing Fisher the plaque during the annual Chancellor’s Century Council meeting in mid-February before a roomful of Aggies.

Sharp had just presented Texas A&M-Commerce football coach Colby Carthel a legitimate plaque after Carthel guided the program to its first NCAA Division II national title in mid-December.

Sharp’s gag is revealed on a YouTube video released by the A&M university system and particularly highlighting A&M-Commerce. It was first brought to public attention on Wednesday by Travis Brown of the Bryan-College Station Eagle.

Sharp has said he expects a national title at some point from Fisher, who was awarded a guaranteed 10-year, $75 million contract from A&M in December, after the Aggies lured him from Florida State. Fisher, 52, won a national title with the Seminoles in 2013.

Texas A&M chancellor John Sharp awarded coach Jimbo Fisher a national championship plaque - of the future. Photo: A&M

Let’s see how funny it is in a few years if the Aggies don’t have one.


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13 responses to “Sure, they’re laughing about it now…

  1. Russ

    Guess those Aggies better get to raping if they’re going to match FSU. Plus, they’ve got Baylor to look up to.


  2. Uglydawg

    Maybe they should have left the 0 off of 20.

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  3. Dude was lucky Jamies came through. A fairly average coach that’s already been to the top of the mountain with a huge contract spells complacency.
    Not to mention his personal life is a mess. No way that guy wins a National Championship.


  4. Macallanlover

    Not buying the hype. Both of my kids were undergrads at FSU so I follow them pretty closely for conversation purposes (yes, they are both Dawg fans as well). I was never impressed with Jimbo as a HC, and felt he actually underachieved at FSU.

    That one year where they won a MNC with Jameis was one of the most dominant I have ever seen, perhaps with the exception of one of the Nebraska teams in the 90s. They won every game by more than double digits, just gutted everyone. I don’t think that required much from the HC so I don’t assign much to it, but at least he stayed out of the way. A&M may get better if he assembles a solid staff, LSU’s falloff will help him, but he is way behind Bama at this point.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Speaking of tamu, Fox gave us another clinic on how to blow a game last night.

    Some folks say he can’t get recruits. I’d argue he actually has recruited solid talent. His problem is he just can’t coach.


    • lakedawg

      Thought that was Hightower that threw the ball away, but guess it was Fox, anyhow can not see as good as I used to.


      • Russ

        You mean, when he was trapped in the backcourt and bounced a pass to Maten just standing there? Lots of blame to go around but it all goes back to (lack of) coaching.


      • W Cobb Dawg

        Sorry to inform you lake, but you’re efforts at sarcasm are deteriorating too. Implying a head coach isn’t responsible for the play of the team he coaches might be the most asinine thing I’ll read this year. But there’s still 10 months to go…

        Bottom line is Fox is 16-13 in his ninth year, with a career losing record in the sec.


    • Russ

      SEC POTY this year. Last year, we were one of two teams (the other Kentucky) to start 2 All-SEC players. Previously, with KCP, we had an NBA lottery pick. What has that gotten us other than first round exits of the NIT?

      Time for him to go.

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    • dubyadee

      I really like Fox, but we have to make a change this year. I would do it the night after we lose in the SEC tourney and try to wrap it up fast. If this NCAA/DOJ stuff hits the fan, we will be in a bidding war with a bunch of teams for a limited number of coaches.


  6. Stoopnagle

    Aggy gonna Aggy


  7. Jt (the other one)

    They won’t…so…I have to wonder at what point the lynch mob shows up since Jimbo gets paid whether he goes 20-0 or 0-20…