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When you’ve lost Darren Rovell…

Just sayin’.

Yeah, Grayson Allen is a dick, but still.


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Paul Finebaum: prophet or pinhead?

As someone who believes Georgia’s 2018 home schedule leaves something to be desired, this is an argument I’d ordinarily be prepared to take seriously…

… until I consider the source.

Then I realize he’s just doing a little preemptive field clearing for Nick Saban.

Wake me up when PAWWWLLL!!! launches the same critique ‘Bama’s way.   For that matter, Georgia’s cross-division schedule strikes me as a whole lot more credible than Alabama’s does.



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Spring practice dates set.

Someone was just asking me about this yesterday morning.

At least that’ll give us something to blab about for a few weeks.

Lots of spacing in April… is that unusual?


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