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Today, in do as I say, not as I do

This is rich, coming from the guy who left Georgia at the drop of a hat for a better opportunity at Kentucky.

The hypocrisy, it burns.

Some of you wonder why I keep harping on certain topics.  It’s because certain assholes can’t quit when they’re ahead.



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Real men of genius

Shorter John Currie:  you won’t get fired if it’s cheaper to keep you on the payroll.

It’s constantly amazing to me how athletic departments are able to stay in business.


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“It just wasn’t right.”

Check out Nick Chubb’s heartfelt letter to Dawgnation.

I’m not tearing up.  You’re tearing up!


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Now he belongs to the ages.

Elvis has finally left the building.


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ESPN, humpin’ that narrative

They can go on for miles with this.

Quarterback questions for Alabama and Georgia
This could be a first for college football: Two young quarterbacks who started the national championship game will have to scramble to keep their jobs. At Alabama, most have already awarded the QB1 title to Tua Tagovailoa, the hero of the Tide’s most recent national title. Although Jalen Hurts is a two-year starter who doesn’t commit turnovers and can gash defenses, he will need a strong spring to hold off Tagovailoa, a more gifted passer who could help Alabama’s talented young receivers. Jake Fromm ranked ninth nationally in pass efficiency as a redshirt freshman as Georgia won the SEC in 2017, but he’ll be pushed by Justin Fields, the nation’s top recruit and one of the most decorated quarterback prospects in recent years. Fields enrolled in January and will have every opportunity to wow the coaches this spring.

The talking-points script for their G-Day announcing team writes itself, doesn’t it?  I can already hear Herbie offering his insight.


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“I wish we all had the same amount but we won the championship.”

For those of you who have expressed concerns that allowing student-athletes to market their names, likenesses and images would cause locker room turmoil due to an unequal distribution of revenue between, say, a star quarterback and one of his starting offensive linemen, I have a question:  based on this Calvin Ridley interview, should schools restrict the touches certain players get, to avoid unequal statistics?

Of course, I’m being a wee bit facetious there.  But there is a valid underlying point to be made, as the header indicates.  Whatever locker room jealousy Ridley’s performance stirred, it didn’t stop ‘Bama from winning a national title.  Good coaches know how to manage their players’ emotions successfully.  Why would endorsement deals be any different?


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Today, in business decisions

Roquan Smith says he struggled with his decision to enter the NFL draft.

“We came up short in the national championship game and that played a big part in it. I wanted to finish my degree; that and the comradery – I love those guys,” he said. “It was going to be my last chance to be a kid and not worry about adult responsibilities, that kind of thing. I talked to many individuals who have left early and it was always how much they missed college, wishing they could go back one more time. All of that went into it, but at the end of the day, the pros outweighed the cons and it was in my best interest that I did leave.”

If it were that close a call, what if Smith were receiving enough compensation to tilt his decision into staying in Athens another year?  How much would that have really bothered some of you had he done so?


UPDATE:  Here’s another quote from a Dawg who left early.

“My mom played a big part of the process,” Thompson said. “She gave me the okay, so I went with her guidance…. I played a lot of football. Three seasons at UGA, in one of the toughest conferences, the SEC, and I want to support my family. This has been my lifelong dream, ever since peewee ball…when I was 12 years old.”  [Emphasis added.]


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