“It just wasn’t right.”

Check out Nick Chubb’s heartfelt letter to Dawgnation.

I’m not tearing up.  You’re tearing up!


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10 responses to ““It just wasn’t right.”

  1. Damn … Good … Dawg

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  2. HillDawg

    If all of the team had Chubb’s attitude they would never be defeated.


  3. mwo

    All that hard work and sacrifice and then some inept officiating crew screws them out of the title. Yeah, I’m still bitter and still pissed!

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  4. ApalachDawg

    There is humble and classy folks that we meet and admire and then there are folks like Mr Nick Chubb – saintly.
    We were lucky to watch the Herschel Walker of our time. He will be missed and never forgotten.
    Without a doubt the first two of the modern era UGA player statues to be erected =
    #34 H. Walker
    #27 N. Chubb
    Bonus statue dream of the first two UGA coaches =
    V. Dooley
    E. Russell


  5. The other Doug

    Nick Chubb has class.


  6. Spike

    It is us who should be thanking him.

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  7. Debby Balcer

    He is a class act all the way. I hope all his dreams come true. He has shown what true grit is. DGD


  8. lakedawg

    Never felt worse for a football player that day Nick went down in
    Knoxville. I doubted if he could make it back, but should have known better. One of the finest to wear the red and black.