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Springtime for quarterbacks

Thought I’d toss out Matt Murschel’s piece on the spring picture at quarterback throughout the SEC as food for discussion.  I found it a little weird — not at the top, where ‘Bama, Georgia and Auburn are the logical favorites, but farther on down, particularly with regard to Missouri and South Carolina being ranked well below Florida and Tennessee.  Am I missing something there?



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Are we gonna have a case of the rematch blues?

Over at the Sporting News, Bill Bender sends up an early flare:

It’s likely either the Big Ten or SEC will put two teams in the College Football Playoff, and nobody will like the best chance for that to happen with Alabama and Georgia. That’s only going to intensify the call for eight teams even more.

I have little doubt such a scenario would generate that sort of reaction, but what I’m more curious about is whether a concern about that would affect the selection committee’s deliberations if either we had an exact re-run of the 2017 season, with ‘Bama sitting and waiting to find out if it would make the semi-finals field or the two faced off as undefeated in the SECCG, which would mean one would leave with a loss on its record.

I’d like to think not, but who’s to say?  It’s one way to deflect Bill Hancock from having to deal with the subject again.


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Florida (Dawg) license plate update

It’s getting closer, Georgia fans.  The Florida House passed a large transportation bill yesterday that included the following:

The bill also includes a Florida specialty license plate for Auburn, Alabama and Georgia football fans living in the Sunshine State.

It has to move through the Senate and to the governor to be finalized.  Plate cost will be $25.  Woof!


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