Springtime for quarterbacks

Thought I’d toss out Matt Murschel’s piece on the spring picture at quarterback throughout the SEC as food for discussion.  I found it a little weird — not at the top, where ‘Bama, Georgia and Auburn are the logical favorites, but farther on down, particularly with regard to Missouri and South Carolina being ranked well below Florida and Tennessee.  Am I missing something there?



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  1. Red Cup

    The OC for Mizzou is SOD, so that might explain some of it. Appears the writer is more concerned with numbers depth and not the quality of the #1


    • MGW

      To me, even if you’re ranking the overall depth of the QB position, the starter trumps any level of depth. If two teams have equivalent starters, sure give the nod to the one with more depth. Beyond that depth is meaningless at QB.

      I’d take Mizzou or SC’s starters with a bunch of old ladies behind them on the depth chart over whatever UT and UF have.

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      • Exactly, MGW. This post seems to weigh the starter as much as the backup (or close enough to the backup) and that makes little sense to me. Lock’s numbers have a whiff of fool’s gold for sure, but just that—a whiff. There’s no one on Florida’s roster that can come close (same for Tennessee).


      • Jack Burton

        And Miss St over UF and UT.

        This writer is an idiot.


  2. I kinda got the impression he was looking at it more as a depth thing than a first string talent thing.

    Specific to South Carolina, I remember before last season hearing a radio interview with Tony Morrell from their 247 Sports site (The Big Spur) – he’s always very frank with his assessments, whether good or bad – and he was saying that Bentley better stay healthy for them or it was going to be a really bad year because the guys behind him just weren’t guys that you could expect to go out and win games in the SEC. I don’t think that’s changed a whole lot, at least not yet.


    • 3rdandGrantham

      I don’t think he’s very frank with his assessments at all. During the preseason last year, he ranked SCU’s RB’s ahead of UGA when doing his head to head match ups (along with QB’s and others) and went on to say that the teams were evenly matched. Of course the SCU fans ate it up and crowed that their RB’s were better up until the UK loss.

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      • Ha, I missed that one. I don’t read his articles as much, I usually catch his radio interviews (he’s on every Tuesday morning in Greenville SC), and I usually find his assessments pretty spot on. But yeah if he said their backfield was better than ours, I don’t know what he was smoking that day.

        Point being tho, if anything you’d expect him to exaggerate in their favor, and he was saying there was just nothing behind Bentley at that time.


    • Sides

      Bentley is the reason sc played in bowl games the last two years. He is definitely top half of SEC quarterbacks. Tennessee should be dead last. If they had an average offense butch would still have a job.

      QB situation is better this year. If Bentley went down there is at least an exciting dual threat QB recruit on the roster….and more offensive experience.


  3. Vidaliaway

    If you have 4 QB’s you don’t have any.


  4. 3rdandGrantham

    Jake Bentley is inconsistent so I don’t have a huge issue with that, but anyone who would rank Franks and a true freshman, along with the UT QB’s over Drew Lock is either clueless or obviously biased.


    • Biggus Rickus

      That’s the thing though. Inconsistent or not, Bentley was demonstrably better than anyone who took the field for Florida or Tennessee. I assume he’s expecting coaching changes at Florida and Tennessee to dramatically improve production next year, while he’s expecting the coaching change at Missouri to hamper Lock. Of course, it would be nice if he wrote something to that effect if that is indeed what he’s basing his assessment on.


  5. Lrgk9

    Only thing missing is a comment on the laziness and lack of research work put in by the author. Schlock pure second grade analysis.


  6. Dave

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion. His just happens to be dumb.

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  7. Comin' Down The Track

    Death, taxes and LSU quarterback uncertainty…

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    • dawgtired

      I do not understand why LSU can’t field a QB. They have had awesome defenses and RBs. If they ever get a flow of good QBs coming into the program they could challenge Bama in the West on a regular basis. It’s just weird.

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  8. steve

    I’m not convinced of Matt Murschel’s CFB credibility. This may be just another one of those CFB media pieces written for a specific fan-base to kneed hope and expectations into the dough. And I hope it is the same dough UGA uses to dip the gator tail in before frying at 375° on Oct 27, 2018.
    The scientific literature makes all of the authors and coauthors declare any conflicts of interest before publishing a paper. For obvious reasons. Wonder who wrote or paid for Matt’s piece? Will he now get a special sit-down meeting in Gainesville FL with the ‘blind coach who finds his dick occasionally’? We know when Chris Lowe writes about UTK that any facts and truth are just coincidence. Also, every sports writer in SW Ga. tells us how Auburn has just recruited the next Heisman QB….annually.


  9. Nashville West

    I don’t get why the gators are ranked so high, I would have them towards the bottom. The vowels are about in the right place based on the transfer of Chryst from Stanford. The cocks, missou and the dores are a couple of places too low.


  10. The Tick

    Who is Lindsay Scott Jr.?


  11. Ginny

    When was the last time Florida had effective QB play?


  12. S

    I think most of it is simple laziness. Rank the better teams (or traditionally better teams) as having better quarterbacks. That’s how you end up with Alabama ranked highest. Also, more weight should also be placed on the starter. And stability at OC, which definitely affects QB performance. They should be ranked as such:

    Georgia. Fromm is a better QB than either of Alabama’s QBs.
    Alabama. The Hawaiian kid had one good half. But that half was against a great defense. Hurts is capable,
    Missouri. Lock turned a dumpster fire into a bowl team. Only reason MO isn’t higher is because Dooley is his new OC.
    Auburn. Very good starter and this would be a higher ranking if not for the uncertainty of off-season surgery.
    South Carolina. Bentley is tough. Inconsistent, but tough, and sometimes another year under the belt can take care of the inconsistency thing.
    Mississippi State. Who knows how Fitzgerald will perform after that injury and under a new coach? If Mullen were still there I would have MSU higher.
    Texas A&M. Decent QB but can Fisher get good results without an overwhelming talent advantage?
    Vanderbilt. Shurmur has a lot of experience, but damn, it’s Vanderbilt experience. That’s like dog years. Doesn’t count for much.
    LSU. It’s LSU. No decent QB available and Oregano turned a good OC into a dumpster fire last year. Not much chance this year will be worth anything
    Florida. Horrible set of returning QBs and none has the skill set Mullen needs for his offense. They will have to have a QB come from either a walk-on or a recruit. That one from GA looks pretty good but a true freshman isn’t going to easily endure the kind of beating that Mullen requires from his QBs.
    Arkansas. New coach and there was only one decent QB on the roster. But that’s one more than anyone remaining,
    Kentucky. Yes. New starter, but there’s a decent, experienced staff at KY to coach him.
    Tennessee. Worst team in the conference, terrible QBs, with a rookie head coach? Not a good recipe. They’ll be awful. And yes, I know there’s a serviceable QB transferring in from Stanford, but sorry, under these circumstances, he’ll be Chryst awful.
    Ole Miss. Did I already say “dumpster fire”? All the talent transferred out. Ole Miss will be the equivalent of a bad Sun Belt team for at least a decade. Scout team QBs for most of the rest of the conference could start here.


    • JCDAWG83

      I think Jimbo and Gus Bus are identical twins in the coaching department. Neither can win without a superstar felon at qb. Jimbo looked great with SEC talent in the ACC. We’ll see how he does in the real SEC.


  13. UGA '97

    Yep bad research here, but it’s click bait season and the writer is in Gatorland so what do u expect? One could also split Spread/Option/Running QBs vs Pocket/Pro Style QBs into their own rankings, but this feels
    abut right:

    1.) Lock (Avg. time of possession was lowest in SEC 2017)
    2.) Stidham
    3.) Fromm (gonna need help from Nauta/Fitzpatrick/Ford)
    4.) Bentley (high INTs)
    5.) Shurmur (no supporting cast)
    #s 8 thru 14…pick whoever*