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Name that caption, “i’ve made a huge mistake” edition

Hmm… I wasn’t expecting this so soon.

Have at it in the comments.


UPDATE:  I may have to declare this to be the winner.



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Not your every day recruiting story

Quarterback at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School commits to the school which dean of admissions and assistant coach stayed with him during the shooting attack.

Goodman told WFXT in Boston that Nicholls, a D-III school in Massachusetts, wasn’t originally in his list of top schools, but after seeing how Brower and Ryan responded to the ordeal changed his view of the school. Goodman says the duo “went into father mode and protected us,” and that formed a bond between them.

I hope nobody else has to bond like that again.


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Your G-Day broadcast crew

No Herbstreit (which I assume means he’ll be in Tuscaloosa).

Man, I like Blackledge.  Sure is gonna be awkward hearing him try to make the case for a quarterback controversy.


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“I call it Wikipedia. That’s what it is right now, our offense.”

SOD is back, folks.

Derek Dooley is Missouri’s offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, which is interesting because Dooley has never been an offensive coordinator or a quarterbacks coach before.

“Interesting” would be one way of putting it.

“I call it Wikipedia. That’s what it is right now, our offense,” Dooley told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “Every day you can go on there and there’s a new sentence (and say), ‘Oh, I wonder who added that?”

In addition to Dooley, much of the Missouri offensive staff is also new. Offensive line coach Brad Davis was hired from Florida and wide receivers coach A.J. Ofodile was promoted from director of recruiting operations.

“The idea is I don’t want to just cram some system down them,” Dooley said. “Everything they do is brand new. We want to build on some things they did well here. We want to add some things to help us have a little flexibility in how we attack defenses.”

This is gonna be a fun watch.  I mean, what could go wrong?


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Heather’s hammer

Heather Dinich said it on Finebaum’s show.  Now she’s posting it at ESPN:  Georgia, you’re on notice.

1. Can Georgia overcome a weak nonconference schedule?

Austin Peay, Middle Tennessee, UMass and Georgia Tech — four teams that combined for a 24-24 record last year (including the 8-4 record from FCS Austin Peay) — give the Dawgs little to no wiggle room. Georgia Tech is the only Power 5 nonconference opponent, and the Yellow Jackets finished 5-6 last year.

The importance of strength of schedule is not up for debate within the selection committee meeting room. Alabama earned a spot in the top four last year, but in the committee’s lengthy final deliberations, its game against FCS Mercer was certainly a part of the debate against Ohio State for the fourth spot.

“If you want to be considered for a spot in the college football championship, you need to go out and schedule up,” former selection committee member Tom Jernstedt. “When the bracket is so small, there aren’t many things you can use to separate Team A from Team B, C and D, and someone that can demonstrate that they went out and made a real effort to schedule up, that’s important. If you schedule down and end up undefeated, that should not be rewarded for scheduling down. You constantly encourage people to schedule up so the committee really has something to work with as it goes through its deliberations.”

Georgia faces Florida, a road trip to LSU, and gets Auburn at home. One loss would put it in a precarious playoff position. In 2016, Washington was hammered for its strength of schedule all season. Last year, Wisconsin’s résumé was under the microscope. Now it’s Georgia’s turn.

Again, as someone who thinks our home schedule blows, I’d like to be more sympathetic.  But her case would be more honest with the inclusion of the SECCG, as well as noting that ‘Bama has a similar scheduling weakness.  In the meantime, she’s got a hammer, if anyone needs one.


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Musical palate cleanser, Lebowski edition

This week, we’re celebrating one of the more titanic efforts of American cinema’s twentieth anniversary.  It therefore seems appropriate to post what will likely be the only Kenny Rogers song you’ll ever hear at GTP.

What, you thought it would be the Eagles?  Sheesh.


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