Not your every day recruiting story

Quarterback at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School commits to the school which dean of admissions and assistant coach stayed with him during the shooting attack.

Goodman told WFXT in Boston that Nicholls, a D-III school in Massachusetts, wasn’t originally in his list of top schools, but after seeing how Brower and Ryan responded to the ordeal changed his view of the school. Goodman says the duo “went into father mode and protected us,” and that formed a bond between them.

I hope nobody else has to bond like that again.


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4 responses to “Not your every day recruiting story

  1. Seeing how tough the Douglas drama club kids have been, the football team must be world beaters.


    • ChiliDawg

      That must be one hell of a school with some fantastic teachers, is all I have to say. Some truly impressive young people coming out of there. Sad to think of what the kids that were lost may have been.

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  2. truck

    Waiting for Saban to figure how to recreate this without, you know, anybody getting shot.


  3. Parent

    If somebody negative recruits against them here, they’re just wrong in the head.