It’s not that hard.

National media, if you want to discuss Georgia’s quarterback situation realistically, take a page from Jason Butt’s book.

Given the season he had – 2,615 yards, 24 touchdowns, seven interceptions – it’s way too early to even hint Fromm will endure a true competition with Fields. That stated, you can bet both of the players will treat the spring, summer and preseason as if it is a real battle for the top quarterback spot…

While Fields will certainly provide a much-different skill set, Fromm is going to be really hard to beat out. The fact that Fromm played well enough to where Georgia felt it couldn’t turn back to Eason says all you need to know about the kind of preparation he puts in on a regular basis. You can bet that Fromm will be just as prepared to keep his starting quarterback role as he was to enter a game if called upon.

See how easy that was?


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  1. Depends on how the over-all games are going. If Georgia has the dominant ground game we all expect; and Fromm is efficiently controlling the game, getting Georgia in the right plays, calling audibles in the right situations, keeping the other offense off the field; then it is going to be tough for Fields to come in and knock him out. But, if the ground game falters and the defense doesn’t grow up quick enough (especially at linebacker), then Fields may find the field (couldn’t resist) more than we expect. We also may see him more in the 2nd half, if Georgia ends up being dominant early and see him early enough to throw and run against opposing defenses. Georgia could end up ‘lighting up’ some teams as Smart and staff look to get this kid playing time in games that are in hand…


    • Got Cowdog

      Randy, I understand that you are fairly new here and while your argument may be reasonable and well thought out, the G-Day QBR is yet to be determined, and the G-Day QBR trumps all other arguments including logic and reason.
      I will reserve my anointing of the chosen one until said rating is official. In the meantime I’ll take the same stance as last March: “Redshirt Fromm.”

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      • Derek

        I think Kirby will go with a formula that includes QBR, rivals, 247, and sparq ratings. You gotta be scientific.

        The truth is that we’ll be in the same situation as Bama found themselves. You go with the steady hand until you need the qb to provide the offense himself. As long as the RBs, OL and WR’s are productive there’s no reason to make any change at qb. In short, it will take either injury or offensive collapse to cause a change and that will be the case as long as Fromm has eligibility.


    • Cojones

      Good post, Randy. I’m sure by now that you know of the snark and QBR mixtures prevalent here.

      Cowdog, while pulling our collective dicks, tells it correctly. QBR will rule the day on the 21st and form the backbone of our season such that the posters on here will know what is and what isn’t the skinny on our QBs. Of course, we keep this tight to our vest and argue the merits of each here at gtp afterwards and we don’t share with Barnhart and other writers because they have a tendency to go overboard when comparing us to ‘Bama and others that sometimes is embarrassing to us all.

      We divide into camps that bet on the best QBR attained in the Spring Game and translate it into the season. My money is on Vaugn this year, never mind the hucksters who push the Scout Team QB who has a higher QBR than an acclaimed OSU QB headed for the NFL. The cheer you will hear in the stands (and on TV) will be: “QBR!, QBR!, QBR!” led by a couple of guys in tin foil hats.

      Btw, wanna buy a Fing Scooter?


  2. Barring injury, Fromm will start and take 95% of the meaningful snaps. Fields will get some spot and situational snaps to use his skill set and will play when games are out of hand.


  3. Yurdle

    I hope Fromm is good enough to hold the job and Fields is good enough to take it. Here I stand; I shall not be moved.

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  4. Dave

    It’s super-easy if you go by what you saw last year, and what you would reasonably expect this year.

    The only allowance would be for the best laid plans of mice and men scenario.

    When you get the second-most prolific offense Georgia has possibly ever had, and certainly within recent memory with a true freshman at the helm, you don’t futz with it unless a particular situation or unforeseen circumstances requires it.

    That’s for the “who will be the starting and primary QB?” question.

    As has also been said, Chaney has shown a proclivity for having a pocket book of plays that don’t have Fromm taking the snap, in favor of the wild dawg (which has ultimately proven to be very effective despite the misgivings of many early in its employment). So, it would also be silly to think that there won’t be some packages designed for Fields here and there, unless the staff is hell-bent on ‘shirting him (which I doubt).


    • Macallanlover

      While you can select some plays where the Wild Dawg produced a positive result (and no one knows if the traditional formations would not have produced a similar/better result), there were many times where it was totally stuffed as well. Now, same bad result may have occurred with Fromm at QB, but the absolute worst time we used it was late in the MNC game. And us needing first downs in the worst way, we ran it on back to back plays for a total fail. Our offensive success in that game pretty much involved Fromm and Sony getting their hands on the ball, and, incredibly neither did. Epic fail on Chaney’s part. So yeah, I saw way too much of the WD last season and would rate it a D.

      It may become a really good weapon with Fields this season as he brings a passing threat to our exclusive run version of that set. I could get on board with that utilization, but with him being a QB, is that still the Wild Dawg? We have have to get board clarification of that. Regardless, I hope we utilize both Fromm and Fields in most all of our games; that couldn’t mean anything bad for UGA.


  5. UGA '97

    1st sensible post about our QB situation. Fyi, small but minor news, Hail Mary Jennings is allowed to return back on the UT football team. They now might have 2 SEC wins this year.


  6. This just in: An unknown kid(Sid Finch Jr.) from Ty Ty was found out in his backyard throwing footballs over 100 yards and hitting squirrels and knocking them out of trees. He runs a 4.00 40 and can leap 12 feet, He is coming to UGA and will be the starter for the Spring game. Stay tuned for more excitement.


  7. 209

    Mark could get players, but it was disappointing what he did with those players once he got them..
    (Sid Finch Jr.)- That is good. I don’t care what you say.


  8. AusDawg85

    I just want Fields to come in during the 2nd half of the MNC vs. Bama and throw the winning TD in overtime.


  9. I have said it several times, but I’ll say it again. No way Fields gets meaningful snaps unless Fromm is hurt. I hope Justin is ready to sit for 3 years and it doesn’t cause any team dissension. A lot of people don’t want to hear that, but that’s just the way it is. Two starting QB’s? You know what they say about that. Ain’t gonna happen.