Monday morning buffet

To the chafing dishes!



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14 responses to “Monday morning buffet

  1. Former Fan

    Since the kids are student athletes at NC, how much bonus does the AD get if they all graduate with degrees?


    • Minnesota Dawg

      Given the established academic value of the some “degrees” given to athletes at UNC…hopefully not much.


      • ASEF

        UNC has had academic monitors from SACS for several years. Bashing the UNC admins from that era is totally fair game. Bashing current SAs is just uninformed. Sort of the pundit version of an AfAm paper course.


        • Minnesota Dawg

          Sorry pal….that’s just the price you pay for decades of cheating. Diploma devalued. Get used to it.

          Just curious, do you get an automatic notification when someone brings up the UNC academic fraud?


  2. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    “I like where Coach [Jeremy] Pruitt is taking the program,” London told SEC Country on Sunday night. “I know what Coach Pruitt is capable of from his days coaching at Alabama. The SEC is the top league in the nation week in and week out.

    Nice to get a little love from the B1G. But, just wait till London gets a load of that field in Knoxville.


  3. J-DawG

    Even Nick or Sony couldn’t dig them out of the hole they’re in. Why even bother with a one season running back.


  4. Bamadawg

    According to the latest numbers if the player was from in state it was around $25,000. If the player was from out of state it was around $51,000. Of course that doesnt include the stipend.


  5. Buddha

    There’s just sump’n sad about a kid whose dream it is to wear orange.


  6. Uglydawg

    I believe Madre London made a good choice for himself..can’t blame him for that. He has one year to impress the pro scouts How much would he have seen the field playing at Georgia, vs playing at Tennessee?
    And what were his prospects to go pro? That would be an indication of how good he really is. Maybe he feels his ability hasn’t been adequately showcased as a Spartan. I guess that’s an obvious observation. (I’ll have to ask Tony Barnhart).
    Except for the fact that his knees and ankles are in peril on the cow pasture, he was wise to pick a thin Hillbilly team to showcase his talents.
    Nothing against the kid, other than he’s going to don one extremely ugly color.
    Meanwhile, I’m hoping he gets 20 carries against the Dawgs for minus yards.

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    • Macallanlover

      Yes, that was a no-brainer if the choices were just UGA or TN. He had no chance to break through the UGA depth chart, but he could have made a better choice than Knoxville. He only has one year, look at the depth chart, the returning OL, the offensive scheme, and the schedule. Has to be something out there better than TN, but it wasn’t in Athens.


      • I’m not sure I buy the idea that there is a place that checks a whole bunch of boxes on o-line talent and depth, known competent coaching commodities but just happens to have a void at running back. Usually if you’ve got the other 2, the running backs will be lining up. I suppose we were a very unknown quantity when Crowell got kicked off and those 2 freshman gurley and marshall were coming in.


  7. mg4life0331

    “You know how much the players get for that accomplishment.”

    You mean on paper right?


  8. Beave

    Is there a rule stating a school cannot write an “IOU” to athletes after they graduate or enter the draft?