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I do not think “sweeping change” means what you think it means.

Shorter Larry Scott:  Changing the amateurism model isn’t “within the scope” of the Pac-12 task force appointed to make recommendations for cleaning up college basketball, but urging the NBA to change its business model is.

These guys are convinced nothing is their fault.



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What I did on my spring break, an echo…

When it comes to work ethic, I’ve always thought Jake Fromm has a little bit of Aaron Murray in him.


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Musical palate cleanser, one for the old folks edition

Actually, it’s a two-fer today.

Here’s Smokey Robinson and the Miracles with “The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game”, from their 1971 album One Dozen Roses.

The vocals are stunning — it’s Smokey, after all — but I never liked this version of the song nearly as much as the original released five years earlier by the Marvelettes as the B-side of a single.

Never thought I’d swoon over a clavinet solo, but the one in the middle here is perfect.  There’s a tinge of sadness to their version that’s missing from Smokey’s remake that really gets me.


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