Musical palate cleanser, one for the old folks edition

Actually, it’s a two-fer today.

Here’s Smokey Robinson and the Miracles with “The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game”, from their 1971 album One Dozen Roses.

The vocals are stunning — it’s Smokey, after all — but I never liked this version of the song nearly as much as the original released five years earlier by the Marvelettes as the B-side of a single.

Never thought I’d swoon over a clavinet solo, but the one in the middle here is perfect.  There’s a tinge of sadness to their version that’s missing from Smokey’s remake that really gets me.


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11 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, one for the old folks edition

  1. truck

    One of James Jamerson’s finest bass performances. And THAT is saying something.

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  2. Cannondawg

    Your great taste and depth of knowledge in music never ceases to impress, kind sir. Never swooned over a clavinet solo?? C’mon man!


  3. JasonC

    Yeah, I like the Marvelettes version better, also. However, I never knew these versions as my experience with this song was by Massive Attack with Thorn.


  4. Alcoholic Genius

    Now that music, uh huh.


  5. 209

    Great.. Thanks.
    You can’t talk about the Marvelettes without mentioning “Don’t Mess With Bill”. written by BILL “Smokey” Robinson. Marvelettes backed by the Funk Brothers. What could be better? Saw them at the old Coliseum in 1970 along with Smokey and Little Anthony and the Imperials. Had a date with the prettiest little girl I had ever seen. We were married for 47 years and the day she left this world she was still the prettiest little girl I have ever seen.
    Thanks Senator

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  6. Muttley

    This is one of Motown’s hidden studio masterpieces, and a shining moment for the Funk Brothers (among so many, obviously). Here’s the track only from the documentary soundtrack. I was really never tuned in to this one until this came out:


  7. Muttley

    Lemme throw out another hidden masterpiece from Smokey and the Miracles- “Oh, Be My Love”. Try to follow those changes- it seems to cycle through almost every key. I’ve given up trying to strum through it. Barbara Lewis (“Baby, I’m Yours”) and a few others did it, but this one, I think Smokey owns:


  8. illini84

    Smokey Robinson — Sara Smile + Ooo Baby Baby [Live from Daryl’s House #22-06]


  9. 209

    One more and I give. One of my all time favorites
    My Girl – Temptations


  10. 209

    Thanks again Senator
    You made my day