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A narrative I can get behind

Paul Myerberg characterizes his SEC spring football preview this way:

USA TODAY Sports’ overview of what to expect this spring from the five major conferences continues with the Southeastern Conference, home to Alabama, Georgia and a bunch of other teams chasing the Crimson Tide and Bulldogs.

It’s nice to be rooting for a program that’s not perceived as merely part of a bunch of others.



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Same as it ever was.

Baylor’s gonna Baylor, y’all.

Two Baylor football players have been suspended from the team stemming from allegations of sexual assault, coach Matt Rhule confirmed to KCEN-TV. The suspensions come about a month after another report stated two unnamed players were being investigated for an alleged incident that took place in November at an off-campus apartment, which also involved female members of the university’s equestrian team.

Rhule did not get into any specific detail about the suspensions or the allegations. However, he did maintain throughout his answer that the processes at Baylor in handling the allegations were done “the right way” — clearly, a major sticking point for the university in the wake of its scandal involving sexual assault and abuse towards women.

“I can’t get into too many of the details on this specific incident. I really don’t know too many of the details on this specific incident,” Rhule said in a video interview with KCEN, “but I do know things have been handled the right way. And I do know that we’re trying day in and day out to educate all the young men in our program about what you can and cannot do.”

Whatever you’re doing, Coach, I’d say it’s not taking.


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The best years of their lives

I’m curious to hear what some of you think about this exercise in opening the doors to the sausage factory, via a former Purdue football player.  His conclusion after four years on scholarship:

People will probably ask me what the solution is and I don’t have the answer. Current players can discuss compensation, nameless marketing, coaching ethics, schedules, useless degrees, etc… Former athletes could discuss post-graduate education, company partnerships, and resources to find careers. The possibilities are endless but the first thing is acknowledgment. If I knew what I know now, that Engineering degree looks a lot better.

He wanted an education, but wound up getting a job.  That’s what he signed up for, right?


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