Same as it ever was.

Baylor’s gonna Baylor, y’all.

Two Baylor football players have been suspended from the team stemming from allegations of sexual assault, coach Matt Rhule confirmed to KCEN-TV. The suspensions come about a month after another report stated two unnamed players were being investigated for an alleged incident that took place in November at an off-campus apartment, which also involved female members of the university’s equestrian team.

Rhule did not get into any specific detail about the suspensions or the allegations. However, he did maintain throughout his answer that the processes at Baylor in handling the allegations were done “the right way” — clearly, a major sticking point for the university in the wake of its scandal involving sexual assault and abuse towards women.

“I can’t get into too many of the details on this specific incident. I really don’t know too many of the details on this specific incident,” Rhule said in a video interview with KCEN, “but I do know things have been handled the right way. And I do know that we’re trying day in and day out to educate all the young men in our program about what you can and cannot do.”

Whatever you’re doing, Coach, I’d say it’s not taking.


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  1. If I had a daughter; Baylor would be scratched off the list of potential Universities to attend. If your highest profile program continues to struggle, then you have to wonder about the culture on campus. That simple.


    • Macallanlover

      I can understand the sentiment given the publicity the past 3 years, but I doubt the number of incidents are any higher than at other large universities. Assuming this new administration steps up to handle the investigations, I doubt anyone’s daughter is any more peril than they would be at most any other large university where tens of thousands of men and women at this age are mixed together in close proximity. Actually, Baylor is more likely to investigate the incidents more enthusiastically, and take corrective action. Regardless of that, Baylor will wear this stain for a long time. Similar to State Penn, they will remain the butt of many jokes and any mention of their name will initially bring up the negatives associated with these public embarrassments.

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      • Russ

        I have a daughter and she knows Baylor is off the list. Their administration has shown they don’t give a shit. The other schools at least haven’t shown that lack of concern.