Fun with Nick

I can’t wait to hear what PAWWWLLL!!! and Heather have to say about Alabama’s 2019 non-conference schedule.  It’s a real challenge.


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18 responses to “Fun with Nick

  1. TnDawg

    Bet their long snappah’s are awesome!


  2. Dawg1

    Duke, in Atlanta. Ugh. That’s horrific.


  3. paul

    I know exactly what they’ll say. They’ll say it’s a more challenging lineup than Georgia’s.


  4. Bob

    Well, Dook is not overly enticing. Then again, who in the hell is fired up about UVA the following year for us?

    This Bama scheduling is par for the course. They have played a grand total of 4 away Power 5 games since 2000. Hell, we played half that many last year. Of course they have played all those “neutral” site (wink, wink) games the past decade.


    • PTC DAWG

      Came here to say that, I don’t understand the Duke, nor Virginia in The Benz games…maybe the big boys are really getting scared to come to the ATL.


  5. John

    They play Duke/UVA because they don’t want to play a team that might surprise them in Game 1. Duke avoids the “you played a FCS” stigma while giving you a game you aren’t serious worried about losing.


  6. 1smartdude

    I’m one of the most outspoken critics of the cupcake game. I’d like to see a 9 game SEC schedule PLUS an all power 5 schedule. The Duke game is definitely a step down for Alabama but I give them credit up to this point by at least scheduling a real opponent during the Saban era. Florida State (twice), Clemson,Virginia Tech (twice), Penn State ( twice in home and home) Michigan, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and USC. Even with neutral sites involved, those are real games against real programs. I’m not sure GT would be viewed as the better program against any of those. I think we’re missing out on those types of games and experices by keeping GT on the schedule. Notre Dame should have proven that this year. As I mentioned, there is an easy solution, but until everyone is required to do it, the fans will suffer.


  7. AusDawg85

    Hmmmm….either Saban is not afraid of his West opponents knocking him out of the SECCG, or he’s been assured the ‘Bama brand with one loss, regardless of schedule, is good enough to get into the CFP every time without an SECCG appearance. That’s a bit of risk taking schedule wise IMHO, or something’s up we don’t know about.


  8. Bob

    Sorry, but playing most of those so called “neutral” site games is really a joke. Except for Clemson, Bama has been much closer to Atlanta than any of their opponents. Ditto for Dallas. There is a DIFFERENCE playing on your opponent’s home field. Since the turn of the century, Georgia has played AT Clemson twice, Okie State, Colorado, Arizona State and now Notre Dame. That is two more away games than Bama has played, not including Tech. And while Duke beat Tech last year, you would be hard pressed to demonstrate that they are a better program than the Trade School. I agree with 1smartdude on scheduling, but am hardly willing to give Bama a pass for avoiding playing road games out of conference.