Today, in let’s hope this isn’t happy talk

I really like this quote from Terry Godwin.

“We tell these young guys, we never want to come up one play short again,” receiver Terry Godwin said. “That’s the difference between a national championship, and being the runner-up. Nobody ever remembers the runner-up. You always remember the champion. We don’t want to be one play short.”

The challenge for Smart isn’t going to be making players like Godwin stay hungry.  It’s going to be infusing the same attitude in the rest of the team.


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3 responses to “Today, in let’s hope this isn’t happy talk

  1. I agree with Godwin except the 2017 team will be remembered as SEC champions and Rose Bowl champions. I hope is that in the WWL’s mind that the CFP is all that matters, our fan base doesn’t fall into the same trap.

    The Process is supposed to keep players hungry because there’s another blue chip who is ready to take another’s place on the depth chart.


  2. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    With leaders like Godwin, focus may not be something we need to worry about this year.


  3. Hobnail_Boot

    Kirby has talked repeatedly about finding and developing leaders within the roster.

    Terry has clearly embraced that role. It will be fun to see who joins him.