Talking the talk after walking the walk

So, how well do you think this translates on the recruiting trail?

“Man, coach Pittman, I love him not only for me but for the university and the offensive line,” Isaiah Wynn said of Pittman. “Just the whole team in general. He did a lot of just being able to come and work with the guys that he had. He did a fantastic job. I think the whole team bought in to his teaching. Everybody trusted him in the offensive line room. He kind of made us become closer as an offensive line unit so I really believe that’s why this season we had such a great season, because he brought that mentality of us being all brothers in that room and we have to play for each other.”

Wynn flourished under Pittman’s tutelage. As a senior he was named a second-team All-American and a first-team All-SEC performer and is now considered as a late-first, early-second round prospect for the 2018 NFL Draft. He started 15 games at one of the toughest positions in football and shut down some extremely talented edge rushers.

Pretty well, I’d say.


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16 responses to “Talking the talk after walking the walk

  1. Jeff Sanchez

    Still odd we sat a dude who’s a sure-fire first round pick behind Catalina at LT in 2016.

    Oh well, water under the bridge.


    • The Truth

      Throwaway season, and I’m not saying that in a derogatory way. Short term pain for long term gain, laying the groundwork for the future…pick your favorite cliche.

      I’ve tried to own up to my misgivings about Kirby and Pittman after year 1, and those misgivings were largely about my impatience. You really can’t just flip a switch.


      • Jeff Sanchez

        I can accept all this.


        • Got Cowdog

          Turning the battleship. Kirby and Co. ran the USS Dawgstyle through the SEC East like “Big Mo” through Tokyo Bay in 1945. With authority.
          Good times, Dawg fans. Good times.


      • I’ve tried to own up to my misgivings about Kirby and Pittman after year 1, and those misgivings were largely about my impatience.

        I don’t think you need to own up to anything. Those misgivings were well earned. From an S&P perspective, that was the worst Georgia team since Bill C. created the system and they significantly regressed from 2015 to 2016. I think it was completely fair to have misgivings about Kirby and co. after Year 1.

        I was more than open that I was concerned we’d hired Will Muschamp 2.0, but that I hoped like hell he proved me wrong. I’m happy to be wrong on that front as a lot of the self-inflicted mistakes that seemed to plague him in Year 1 didn’t repeat in Year 2. However, I don’t feel any need to apologize for feeling that way at the time. Last year was certainly a “show-me” year for Kirby on a lot of fronts (with the fanbase, recruits, etc.) and he delivered.

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  2. ChiliDawg

    We ought to let Pittman write his own paychecks.


  3. DavetheDawg

    This is exactly why we pulled Cade Mays – a Tennessee legacy, mind you – from the bosom of Vol Land. Pittman is building a very talented, athletic wall of large human beings for a cadre very talented running backs to benefit from. Good times? Good times.

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  4. Bright Idea

    CKS obviously knew what he was getting with Pittman. Do you think he hired Chaney to get him?


    • ChiliDawg

      Doubtful – if you’ll recall, Kirby went after Dan Enos as OC first, the man Pittman was working under at Arkansas before he came here.


      • mwo

        You are correct sir. I thought he might have chased Enos a little after Bert got fired.


      • Cojones

        Good point since Coley is sharing some responsibilities with Cheney-Pittman. Kirby and Co seem to be honing in on specialties taught best by each coach instead of overlapping one coach’s responsibilities. So far it seems to be a mutually arrived-at decision for all, but what the hell do I know.


  5. Bulldog Joe

    The improved conditioning program and recruited depth reduced the shuffling on the line last season. Tight end was the big exception, for reasons I am not aware of. This also allowed the staff to wait until Cleveland was ready be inserting him into the starting role.

    Knowing and trusting what the guys on either side are going to do helps the overall line play.

    However, I suspect Coach Pittman will be the first to say we are not there yet, as evidenced by the second half of our last game. Against the elite fronts, we are not yet as physically competitive as we need to be at some positions. I am sure the staff keeps that game recording and the game at Auburn handy to deliver that message when necessary.