With this bunch, nothing is ever easy.

Stewart Mandel describes a current proposal to allow football players to participate in up to four games in a season without giving up the opportunity to redshirt as “seems like a no-brainer”.

Not so fast, my friend.

“Apparently, there is a group out there that has been resistant,” the American Football Coaches Association’s executive director told The Athletic this week. “It’s powerful enough where some of the administrators have concerns whether it’s going to pass or whether we should even propose it. You can’t bring it up again for another two years.”

It’s not the football coaches, who are in favor of it.  They don’t have a vote, anyway.  It’s not the Football Oversight Committee, either.  Nor does it appear to be any of the P5 conferences, as it’s an ACC proposal being shepherded by Bob Bowlsby of the Big XII. Obviously, it’s good for the players.  So, where, then?

Though Berry could not specify where the pockets of resistance are coming from, it’s safe to assume they’re likely coming from the academic side. The NCAA Board of Directors — which must give the final stamp of approval — consists almost entirely of university presidents.

“It’s more about misunderstanding than anything else, and feeling like there would be some abuse to this and gamesmanship by the coaches, but this would not be easy to game,” he said. “Are there some side benefits where a player might mature over the course of the season to the point where they become viable? Yes. But some of the intent of this is that you don’t have enough viable players by the end of the season due to injury.”

This is what comes of letting school without football programs have a direct say about football-specific proposals.  Way to go there, fellas.


UPDATE:  John Infante points out a problem.

The mid-year stuff is something Mandel pointed to as a matter that needs clarification.

And it’s hard to argue with this.

Now that would be player-friendly.


UPDATE #2:  And here’s the topper.

There’s that whole “unrealistic reality world” thing cropping up again.



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  1. Don in Mar-a-Lago


  2. Macallanlover

    Sell it as a safety change. More depth will allow more resting of fatigued players, especially late in the season. I think 4 games is too much, but better than where we are now. And let them play in bowl games not involved in the playoffs, they have been working out for an entire year, and practicing for five straight months! Throw ’em a small bone in a frigging exhibition game.


  3. AusDawg85

    I wish I could tell my wife she has to wait two years before bringing an idea I’ve shot down back up again. Normally, I get about 2 seconds and have to give in.


  4. UGA '97

    Kolton Houston on line 1.


  5. I like the 6 years to play. Very player friendly. Which means no chance.