Run of luck

This is disappointing.

Georgia freshman defensive back Divaad Wilson announced he suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament during Saturday’s practice.

Wilson made the announcement on his personal Twitter page. This injury will effectively rule him out for the 2018 season…

Smart said Wilson offers great size for the star position, which is where he was working at quite a bit through the first week of spring practice. Smart said the coaching staff liked what it saw after identifying him during the recruiting process.

“We’d watched him play. We had him in for camp over the summer and thought a lot of him,” Smart said. “The biggest thing is he’s 190-195 pounds. He’s that (Maurice) Smith, that Aaron Davis, that star type body. He was picking things up well.”

… Wilson was someone Smart had been excited about through the early going of spring practice.

“That’s disheartening because he had three really good practices,” Smart said. “I was really fired up about him.”

That makes three members of the 2018 class who have to rehab ACL injuries.  (Two occurred before the kids arrived in Athens.)  I hope this doesn’t mean that we’re witnessing some sort of regression to the mean with Georgia’s injury luck from last season.  In any case, this is just another reason you have to recruit like a sumbitch to build enough depth to overcome stuff like this.

At least you’re in good hands, Divaad.


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3 responses to “Run of luck

  1. Rex

    We were fortunate. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any serious injuries last year.


  2. ASEF

    Smart likes roster versatility (situational specialists), especially early in a kid’s development. Sounds like a projected piece of the 2 deep just went down.

    That injury typically affects a kid 2 years – a season of rehab, and then a season of getting back to full speed. Hate it for him.


  3. The injury item is sometimes just a lot of luck. Some years it is there, some years it isn’t. One can work their ass off, have stupendous workout, and still wind up playing on some turf such as UT’s or others.