When your minor leagues have minor leagues

Kirby has a coaching clinic scheduled for month’s end for high school coaches around the state.  He’s got some big names — Bill Belichick (New England), Sean McVay (Los Angeles Rams) and Dan Quinn (Atlanta) — who have agreed to speak and he’s quite proud of what he’s put together.

But that’s not the most interesting part of what he had to say about it.  This is:

“…I’m trying to give back to them because they are our feeder program. The state of Georgia has the best high school coaches in the country because our state education system is such that they get great benefits, they get great pay. So if they’re developing tough, hard-nosed, disciplined football players, guess who I get to inherit. It’s somewhat of a minor league for us so I believe that should give back to them.”  [Emphasis added.]

I give him credit for being brutally honest there.  I also give him credit for doing all he can to make sure the guys responsible for the feeding are made to feel motivated to send their kids Smart’s way.  He’s got a huge advantage over out-of-state competitors and every little thing that helps him keep the state fenced when it comes to élite talent is worth pursuing.  (Not to mention you realize what a disadvantage Georgia Tech is at resource-wise, even before you get to Johnson’s personal charms on the recruiting trail.)

Still, I can’t deny that I detect a whiff of sausage there.  Ah, well, you do what you gotta do, I suppose.



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15 responses to “When your minor leagues have minor leagues

  1. I have no problem with a big push with HS coaches. You could make the case that the last two coaches found ways to tick off some of them. Anything Kirby can do to make sure blue chip talent stays home I’ll support. Hopefully, Crean is watching and taking notes.


  2. Jack Burton

    What’s the point of this post?

    “I give him credit for being brutally honest there” – what’s “brutal” about his comment?


    • artful codger

      Think the brutal honesty is found in Kirby’s admission that the University is the principal benefitor, and not trying to wrap it under the guise of “being for the children”.


      • 92 grad

        Yeah, calling it what it is. No different than a big trade show where businesses wine and dine for a week away from home.


      • Sides

        I like how he credited the state’s “education system” for paying top dollar for football coaches.


  3. Vidaliaway

    I hate danielmooreart.com


  4. Spur 21

    I like sausage – I like what Kirby is doing as well


  5. BMan

    I’m trying to imagine the coaching clinic that Fish Fry would set up in contrast to Kirby’s. If Kirby gets Belichick, McVay and Quinn, who would Paul Johnson get to speak at his?