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Football is a simple game.

One thing about being a consistently snarky asshole here is that I tend to bring the sarcasm out in my readers.  So I must say I was pleased to get an email a few minutes ago from someone who saw this header to today’s AJ-C Question of the Day and commented, “I kind of thought the offense was expected to outscore opponents in EVERY game”.

Damn, I love you guys.



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“Is it OK if we license your name and image?”

Hey, at least they asked first.  It’s more than they’ve done for the kids.


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And now, the end is near.

In an observation that should bring a loud, sad “noooooooo…” to the throats of Dawg fans everywhere, Paul Johnson contemplates the autumn of his Georgia Tech years.

Johnson said he didn’t know if he’ll serve out the five years of the deal, at which point he would be 65.

“We’ll see,” he said. “I said I’ll know when it’s not fun any longer. We’ll see. It’s not something I have to do, but as long as you enjoy it and it’s fun, yeah, keep going. I’ve always said I’ll know when it’s time.”

He did say he didn’t see himself coaching as long as former colleague Frank Beamer, who started his final season of coaching at the age of 68.

“That’s, what, eight years? I don’t know about that,” said Johnson, 60.

Why not?  I’m sure he’d be just as effective on the recruiting trail at age 68 as he is now.

C’mon, Jackets, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it… or something like that.


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“Yeah, that guy Stetson, he’s phenomenal.”

(Ken Ward/special to DawgNation)


So why is Bennett paying his own way and merely playing scout team at Georgia, rather than on scholarship and starting at a smaller program?

Part of it is he just wanted to go to Georgia, where both his parents attended. But the other part is his height. Bennett is generously listed at 6-foot in the media guide.

“He can play probably at any school he wants to right now and be up for starting if he was just a little taller,” Georgia safety J.R. Reed said. “But the kid, he can play. I love him.”

I’m glad he’s a Dawg.  But, man, the over-hyping by some fans…

Can’t wait to hear the reaction when he turns in the top G-Day QBR.


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Your new home for preseason happy talk


Everything is relative, I guess.


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“That transition did not go well.”

If Todd Grantham were coaching Georgia’s 2018 defense, I’d be a lot more worried about this comparison.


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“Amateurism wasn’t designed out of purity.”

Those of you who would have had your enjoyment of college athletics ruined by Katie Ledecky staying on scholarship at Stanford while receiving third-party endorsement money really should send Mark Emmert a thank-you note.  I mean, think about what’s been saved.

Katie Ledecky, the five-time gold medalist, 14-time world champion and the most marketable swimmer in America not named Michael Phelps, turned professional on Monday.

In doing so she will be allowed to tap into considerable endorsement and sponsorship opportunities. In the build-up to the 2020 Olympics, that could mean millions.

It was done, however, begrudgingly because she can no longer compete for Stanford. The 21-year-old just completed her sophomore season, winning two individual NCAA titles, one relay title and helping the Cardinal to consecutive team championships.

Ledecky plans to remain enrolled at the university and continue to train with her old teammates and coaches at the Avery Aquatics Center. She wants to be a student-athlete. She also can’t pass up the money.

So, to recap:  she’s staying in school to get her degree, training with her old teammates and coaches and preparing for the Olympics, all as she would have done anyway.  The only thing that’s changed is that she’s not swimming for Stanford anymore because she needs the money.  The Republic is saved!

Man, to think the apocalypse was this close.  Thank Gawd the NCAA was there to protect us.

Her, too, you know.  Let’s hope Ledecky doesn’t crack under the pressure of having to hire an accountant.


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