The way to an offensive coordinator’s heart is through his stomach.

Charlie Warner’s Woerner’s got plans, ‘yo.

Then there are the tight ends, who have seen a steady decrease in catches the last few years. Since Chaney is remaining the play-caller but taking over the tight ends, they’re hoping they will benefit.

“I would hope so, yeah. I think that’s definitely the anticipation in the room is we would get the ball a little more next year,” Georgia tight end Charlie Woerner said. “Maybe we can sweet talk him, bring some cookies in for him. He’ll get us the ball a little more next year.”

(Upon closer questioning, Woerner said he thinks Chaney is more of a McDonald’s and sweet tea guy.)

Kidding aside, there’s some interesting stuff to parse in Seth’s article about the changes on the coaching staff.  Take, for example, what Mecole Hardman has to say about his new position coach:

When Georgia receiver Mecole Hardman was asked about Hankton, he first mentioned his new position coaches’ pedigree: He played receiver in the NFL, and it’s the only position he’s ever coached. He brings a technical expertise to the position.

“Coach Hank is a cool guy. A guy who’s been in the NFL. Knows what it takes to get there,” Hardman said. “He’s just giving his knowledge and experience to us to help us out and get us to the level we need to be at.”

Coley, after two years coaching Georgia’s receivers, is now back coaching quarterbacks, a position he has coached at the high school and pro levels.

“Coley is in a better spot where he’s at with the quarterbacks,” Hardman said.

Hmmmm… and I thought Coley did a pretty good job last year with the wideouts.

As always, it’s worth reading what Kirby says about what he was thinking.

“You can always look at yourself and say, ‘How can I improve?’” Smart said. “I think we improved our staff tremendously by retaining one of our best recruiters and best coaches in James Coley while also bringing an unbelievable personality and great background in Cortez Hankton. He’s coached in our league, knows our league, has recruited in our league. All we want to do is make our staff better, and that’s the ultimate goal is to improve each year, and that’s what I think I’ve been able to do. So I’m excited about that.”

It’s also not that Chaney and Coley have completely forsaken their former units. There’s enough overlap during practice, whether it be team drills or passing drills, that receivers and quarterbacks are working together, that Coley and Chaney might be talking to their former guys.

And Chaney ultimately remains the man in charge of the offense. That hasn’t changed.

“Chaney’s the OC, so he’s with everybody. The receivers, the tight ends, the quarterbacks, at the end he’s going to have the overall say,” Hardman said. “But Chaney, he’s trusting Coley and Coach Hank to do their thing. I think Coach Chaney’s more laid-back now and just letting everything play itself out. That’s good, because he’s giving the quarterbacks and Coley to do more things that they can do.”

Reading a little between the lines there, I think it’s apparent that Smart really didn’t want to lose Coley from the staff.  If Hankton is as good as advertised, this does look like a stronger group overall.  We shall soon see.


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12 responses to “The way to an offensive coordinator’s heart is through his stomach.

  1. When Chaney decides he is done, Coley has all but been given the OC job. Kirby did not want to lose him to Jimbo. Notice there wasn’t the same push to keep Beamer (who was also an excellent recruiter) … Kirby had Scott Fountain in mind all along.

    To steal PTC’s words, Kirby’s on the mother.

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  2. Mike Mashburn

    Who is Charlie Warner?


  3. paul

    Well it’s spring, so we are required by law to talk about the fact that we intend to throw to our tight ends more often. Which rarely actually happens. I’m not sure how we continue to recruit these guys but I’m glad we do. The good news for them is the NFL does like to hire tight ends who can block. A skill our players have ample opportunity to showcase.


    • Tony Barnfart

      for the first time ever, i actually think we may see it this year. Basically everything the article said plus another year into both the QB maturation process and relationship between Fromm and Chaney. I would think it would only be human nature that Chaney plant the seed in Fromm’s head more now that it literally has to be on Chaney’s mind.


  4. Tony Barnfart

    We are stupid loaded. Everywhere.


    • Macallanlover

      That’s a fact. Never saw anything like this in Athens. Not putting a 2 year limit on it, because it could continue given the current direction and momentum but the next two years cannot help but fun times. Not losing an East game for three straight years seems very possible to me. May not win three straight SEC titles, but we are a team no one wants to face. Injuries may the only thing that could derail us.


  5. The other Doug

    I think Chaney moved to TEs because they require the least of his time. Also, it’s easy for the TEs do be with the WR coach or the OL coach for drills.

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    • W Cobb Dawg

      Agree. I’d rather have an OC concentrating on our offensive approach and breaking down the opponent’s defense, than spending his time working on a QB’s footwork. Since Kirby’s forte’ is defense, I thought this was a good move all around to spread out offensive coaching responsibilities. I suppose an extra offensive coach gives Kirby more time to concentrate on D, STs, etc. If it keeps Coley from jumping ship and moves him to a area where he’s more experienced and comfortable, that’s even better. Of course, the $400k pay boost to Coley ain’t nothin to sneeze at.


  6. Hobnail_Boot

    Smart has this thing humming.

    Also: the WR room is about to get an absurd boost in talent.


    • The Truth

      This is going to sound like a Barnhart comment, but re: Coach Hank there’s got to be something to having a position coach that’s played the position at the highest level. The greats don’t always make good coaches, but the ones who were just good enough and had to work harder to hang on in the league many times do.

      Bottom line with Kirby: can he recruit.


      • Macallanlover

        I think Coach Hank may be the guy who finally starts landing that next level receiver we have been missing most years. Don’t get me wrong, we have talent at the position now, just that UGA has never been a school that most of the top guys see as a destination.

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