“This one is the Murphy’s Law of searches.”

It turns out that the paperwork released on the Tennessee coaching search totaled more than 8,000 pages.  Now that’s what I call a document dump.

I get the feeling that with each new story I read on this there will be people scouring every syllable looking for something even dumber than the last gem they found.

Dennis Dodd shares a bunch of ’em.  Check out a couple of my new favorites.

At one point, interim Tennessee coach Brady Hoke texted Currie in all capital letters. He urged Currie to ignore the “MOB MENTALITY” criticism former Michigan AD Dave Brandon went through.

Currie responded, “I’m sorry, who is this?”

Oof.  If Hoke had even a shred of self-awareness, he had to realize he would soon be packing his bags.

This may be the greatest sales pitch of 2017:

In one communication, a detailed PowerPoint presentation from an agent on behalf of Texas-San Antonio coach Frank Wilson contains this statement taking up an entire page:

Not a single UTSA player has been arrested since Frank Wilson became a head coach in January 2016.

Honestly, given the history of the UT program, I’m not sure that’s not more of a bug than a feature.

In any event, it looks I’ve got plenty of fodder left for slow blogging days this spring.  Thanks, Vols!


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20 responses to ““This one is the Murphy’s Law of searches.”

  1. I think one Michael Bobo should be thanking his lucky stars that Tennessee didn’t interview him for the job.


    • CB

      Probably not as much as Tennessee should be thanking their stars that they didn’t interview Bobo.


    • ChiliDawg

      Mike Bobo would have crawled a mile naked over broken glass just to get an interview for that job. Don’t kid yourself.

      The question is why would Tennessee or any other SEC school want to interview him? Three straight seasons of 7-6 doesn’t exactly scream “hot up and comer.” He’s got a ways to go before he even gets a sniff at a Power 5 job.


      • My only point is that Mike Bobo is more qualified to be a head coach than Jeremy Pruitt.


        • ChiliDawg

          Eh, I don’t know about that. Before taking the CSU job Bobo’s entire resume was at Georgia. Player, grad assistant, position coach, coordinator… all under the same coach. Most coaches would have to take a coordinator job elsewhere to prove themselves before they got serious consideration for a HC job. I certainly don’t think Pruitt is the solid hire that some others do, but I think it’s a better hire than Mike Bobo would have been.


  2. Got Cowdog

    The 2017 season is the gift that keeps on giving, huh?


  3. paul

    There’s stupid. And then there’s Tennessee stupid. Pruitt can make them better. The question is will they give him time to do so? I’m fairly certain the Urnge Nation will be expecting a two year turnaround a la Kirby Smart. Not likely to happen there.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      “Pruitt can make them better.”

      Unfortunately I agree. CJP is the kind of guy who’ll block out all that background noise and focus on the things he wants to accomplish. Having said that, I could imagine a scenario where he gets into fisticuffs with a loud mouth fan or two after a couple losses. Pruitt’s not the kind of guy who easily brushes off a loss or criticism. People pointing the finger at him if, no, when he makes a questionable mistake might just set him off under the right circumstances. Of course, fulmer will be on the spot to have his back.


  4. Hobnail_Boot

    0-8. Pinch me.


  5. Snoop Dawgy Dawg

    There were two things in there that truly made my jaw drop.

    First tier candidate and Paul Johnson used in the same sentence, non-ironically.
    Mark Richt was involved with the search in any way. Knowing what he knows of recruiting in the south east, along with his knowledge of UT, I just don’t see how he’d ever consider leaving Miami for Knoxville. All I can figure is Turnover Chain Richt isn’t as averse to using leverage as he once was.

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  6. Texas Dawg

    Dump and Tennessee seem to be terms that were made for each other


  7. Spike

    Even Dumpster Fires object at being compared to UT..


  8. Comin' Down The Track

    Tennessee, in fact, did not hire an outside search firm.

    No. Duh.


  9. CB

    It’s a shame Bobo didn’t get a crack at it. As a dawg I’d love to see him wandering the sidelines in orange.