“We are planning as if the capacity shows up.”

More deets on how the G-Day seating plan is supposed to work:

Passes will direct fans to a corresponding section that will be near the gate they enter.

Gate 10, which is the entrance where construction is taking place under the Sanford Drive bridge, is the only gate that will be closed.

Brooks advises fans to enter the gate nearest the section they prefer to sit, and once in the assigned section there is no row assignment.

“Basically, there’s a science to it and we know from analytics the percentage of fans that will enter each gate through a normal football game,” Brooks said. “We take that method and that’s how we’re going to distribute the passes at each gate.”

Once passes in the 100 section are distributed, passes will be allotted for the 300 and 600 sections. Brooks said some parts of the 200 section will be available, but other parts of the section will be reserved. Normal use of the South Tower Sky Box suites will be used by suite holders and not available for fans…

On paper, at least, there does appear to be some method to the madness, but we fans won’t be sitting on paper.  Let’s hope they know what they’re doing with this.


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8 responses to ““We are planning as if the capacity shows up.”


    Honestly, if fans can’t handle finding a place to sit without causing a ruckus, they have no business being out in public.


    • Scott Kirk

      Yeah, I take offense at that. I will have my little boy in tow, first ever visit to Sanford. I just see ending up sitting in section North campus because you think this is going to be any kinda smooth.


  2. Bright Idea

    What if I don’t like my section, tear the pass up and go to another gate?


  3. Macallanlover

    If I am interpreting this correctly, early birds will get the lower section seats. If so, that is what happened before for spring games., and that is fair to me.


  4. Kdawg

    Will they pull out the SEC CHAMP flag at the Spring game or the first game of the season. I’m like S Kirk, it will be my son’s first trip to the Hedges!!

    GO DAWGS!!


  5. Bulldog Joe

    Getting there early and tag-teaming between your seats and the concession and restroom lines will be key.


  6. Debby Balcer

    I am not going to be there due to a wedding but want to know are they using the clear bag policy for G day like they do for games?