Battle of the coaches clinics

If there’s one valuable lesson Kirby Smart has learned over the years, it’s never give an inch on the recruiting front.

That’s right. Smart is pulling out all the stops for UGA Coaches Clinic 2018, which begins Thursday at the Butts-Mehre Football Complex. Get a load of Smart’s lineup of instructors:

  • Atlanta Falcons coach Dan Quinn
  • 2017 NFL Coach of the Year Sean McVay of the Los Angeles Rams
  • New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick, 5-time Super Bowl champion.

… Don’t be misled. This, too, is another competitive endeavor in college football and in the SEC in particular. And it can have recruiting implications. UGA recruits its home state the hardest, and the majority of participants in Georgia’s annual clinic coach in the state.

Not lost in all this is the fact that Alabama’s Nick Saban will host what he calls the Clinic of Champions April 12-14 in Tuscaloosa. And Saban’s dance card is scheduled to include Super Bowl-winning coach Doug Pederson of the Philadelphia Eagles, Mike McCarthy of the Green Bay Packers along with his special teams coordinator, Ron Zook.

Apparently Alabama has been known to pull in 500 or so coaches to its clinics. So, naturally, the ever-competitive Smart said he hopes to draw more than 1,000. If his other endeavors are any indication, he’ll probably get it.

Any list that has the Zooker on it is probably going to come out second-best as a matter of general principle.  But I digress.  Kirby can bat his eyes and insist it’s all about giving back to the high school coaches — and, sure, that never hurts — but it’s just as much about giving it back to a certain college coach.

Which I’m in favor of, of course.  Not one inch, Kirby.


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12 responses to “Battle of the coaches clinics

  1. SlobberKnocker

    It continues to amaze me how the student seems to have not only learned the master’s lessons but seems to be taking each of them further. I know it shouldn’t after over two years but it still does.

    Chip references Kirby’s ultra competitive nature and his desire to go big. I think he is correct about each and we see those things play out year around. Those things drive taking the learned lessons a step further.


    • While I it is beyond stupid to underestimate Saban, one advantage(?) Kirby has over Saban is the Smart family’s roots in the high school coaching ranks in the SE. It may only be a small advantage but every little bit helps.There were a handful of stories documenting these relationships in the lead up the CFP.

      Yes it is about recruiting but Kirby knows these clinics are valued by a group that for which he has a lot of respect.

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      • Comin' Down The Track

        “… a group that for which he has a lot of respect.” It’s hard to fake genuine respect. I mean, I’m sure Saban can do it, but other than that…


  2. barneydawg

    Ah, Ron Zook. We need to put together an “out of control” all-star coaching staff. I will start with Kevin Ramsey, Zook and Jeremy Pruitt.


  3. Atticus

    Genius. McVay is from Atlanta and went to Marist. Getting the coaches in the state involved and showing you are vested in their future is pure genius.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Don’t forget the gift bags and after-parties, Kirby.


  5. Yep… My youngest son is a wide receivers and specialty teams coach at a 5A Georgia school. He can’t make tonight; but he’ll be there all day tomorrow.

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  6. Tony Barnfart

    Kirby knows how to bring both bookends of the journey together, to the benefit of UGA. The high school coaches that feed him and then branding UGA as the stepping stone to greater things to coaches and players alike with all the NFL guys around.

    Have yall seen all the UGA Pro Day instagram posts ? They.Are.On.Fire.


  7. Tony Barnfart

    Kirby makes me think a lot of coaches are just flat out robbing their institutions, but he clearly justifies an annual salary of $[more]