Today, in unintended irony

From the fingers of Chip Towers to your screen:

Speaking of G-Day, the new video board that had to be installed as a resulted of the West End construction project is now up and running and undergoing some fine-tuning for the spring intrasquad game. The state-of-the-art electronic monstrosity from Daktronics is 30-percent larger than the previous video board and will feature a sound system that will put the previous one to shame[Emphasis added.]

Talk about your lowest of bars.

You know, now that I think about it, I guess it’s possible Towers is throwing out the subtlest of shade there.  If that’s the case, a tip of the cap to you, sir.



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23 responses to “Today, in unintended irony

  1. Dawg1

    I know i’m older now, but damn that infernal constant sound!

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  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Louder music. Just what they need to get me back.
    Hey, you whippersnappers get off my lawn!

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  3. Tony Barnfart

    Does anybody think this would’ve been a perfect time to find a way to put it above the east upper deck ? Kind of meshes well with the keep-the-view open to the West principle.


  4. Russ

    Oh goody.


  5. Jared S.

    I’ve mentioned this on these pages before…..

    There’s no excuse not to have world-class, professionally-engineered sound in a venue like Sanford.


  6. The Dawg abides

    From reading the whole story, it sure seems like Chip is dying to pick that scab over the staffer arrest and turn it into a full blown scandal.


  7. “Why don’t you just make ten louder and make ten be the top number and make that a little louder?”


  8. Thorn Dawg

    Honestly, the blaring piped in music helps my decision to stay at home much easier.

    It’s bad to say that the neutral site games last year were more enjoyable than the sound at Sanford, but true.


  9. Debby Balcer

    The sound now is loud but not clear where I sit. I can hear it but not understand what is being said. I hope that what Chip is talking about is clarity of sound.


    • The Georgia Way

      Rest assured, our recruits will now be able to hear clearly all the dirty words in our rap songs.



  10. Butler Reynolds

    All the noise and visual distraction makes me nostalgic for that ugly Bulldog Terrortory sign. I bet watching a game at Herty Field was nice.


  11. 3rdandGrantham

    I swear, the previous audio system was so horrid that it must have been a Bose system.

    I hope they contacted a reputable audio company like Paradigm for this project.


  12. Ozam

    Generally, I am not a fan of piped-in sound. Howeva, having been at Auburn 1.0 last year, I can tell you the home field advantage created by their massive Megatron scoreboard was incredible. When the Dawgs had the ball, AU blasted techno noise at ear drum rupturing levels until a millisecond before the snap. I was stunned to find out that such tactic was legal (although Clemson away a few years back was similar). I am surprised that more teams do not utilize this advantage, especially with small stadiums (e.g. Vandy).

    We left the game early, not because we were getting our asses kicked (okay…maybe that was part of it), but I could not take the noise levels!!!


  13. And when I begin to require hearing aids because my hearing is so damaged, I’m going to sue the Athletic Director. Anybody recommend a good lawyer?