Beyond snark

Really, there are no words of sarcasm worth expressin in reaction to this:

Former football coach Art Briles received $15.1 million from Baylor following his 2016 dismissal during a sexual assault scandal that engulfed his program and the university.

Former President Ken Starr got $4.52 million from the university as part of his departure. Then athletic director Ian McCaw, now the AD at Liberty University, received $761,059, essentially one year’s salary, upon his resignation.

The dollar figures of the settlements surfaced in Baylor’s 990 filing to the IRS, required annually of non-profit organizations, filed this week and obtained by The Dallas Morning News. The settlements had been subject to non-disclosure agreements. All settlement payments have already been made with the funds coming from Baylor’s institutional reserves, according to a university official.

I can only hope that means there’s plenty of money for the victims to seek as damages.




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16 responses to “Beyond snark

  1. Sounds to me like Briles was either really good at maintaining plausible deniability, or there just wasn’t any evidence to connect him to things. If they’d had any evidence at all, there’s no way they pay him that kind of money.

    Note – I’m not saying things didn’t happen (they did), or that Briles shouldn’t have been aware of what was going on in his program, if in fact he wasn’t. But it’s interesting to me that they must not have been able to directly connect him to anything or the amount of money would have been much, much lower.


    • Or they knew Briles could turn over some rocks in discovery the school didn’t want disturbed.


      • Ha, yeah that is a possible explanation too. Still, that’s a lot of money to pay somebody if you can prove they’re guilty.


        • Again, not if they’re prepared to burn the whole place down in the process. Based on what we know already, I’ll bet there’s a bunch of uglier stuff that hasn’t surfaced.

          Plus, don’t forget there are a lot of Baylor boosters who still think that Briles walks on water and would have been more than happy to side with him over the school.


          • Mayor

            Senator, the above two statements by you are total conjecture. To this day no evidence has surfaced linking Briles personally to any wrongdoing. I would LOVE to be Briles’ attorney if Baylor hadn’t paid the buyout. If Baylor hadn’t paid up Briles would have sued them and gotten the full amount plus extra damages plus the school’s reputation would have been damaged even worse. As for the reason many Baylor alums sided with Briles? Could it be that Briles wasn’t guilty?


  2. gastr1

    That university is a cesspool. I’d be in favor of the death penalty for all of its programs…so much horror there in the last 20 years. Can’t really call it anything else.


  3. South FL Dawg

    That’s McGarity’s worst nightmare coming true at Baylor – they had to use institutional reserves.


  4. Rival

    I went into the wrong line of work. I could mess things up for far less than that…


  5. Russ

    Damn, and I was trying to eat breakfast. I’ve just lost my appetite.


  6. Otto

    Is this really much different than C level executives?


  7. ugafidelis

    They need to burn that place to the ground.


  8. Paul

    Why does any parent on the planet allow their children to go to school at Baylor? Why does any teenager apply there? None of this makes sense to me.