Free meet-and-greets

Maybe this is a sign the reserve fund is brimming these days.

Georgia will send football coach Kirby Smart and new men’s basketball coach Tom Crean on the road this spring and summer to six cities in four states for donor events like the school held last year.

This time, there will be two additional functions that will be open to all Georgia fans that will feature Smart, coming off a trip to the national championship game, and Crean, the former Indiana coach hired this month.

The public events will be in Columbus on May 21 and Savannah on May 22 on the same day that there will be private donor dinners in those cities, according to Georgia executive associate athletic director for development Matt Borman who is also executive director for the Georgia Bulldog Club.

That’s mighty nice of them to throw out a couple of bones at no charge like that.  Of course, if you live in the metro Atlanta area, you’re still SOL unless you want to stroke a check commit to the G.



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7 responses to “Free meet-and-greets

  1. Russ

    I’ll bet there will be more basketball questions this time around. Last year, Fox said a few words and said he was ready for questions. Crickets. It was uncomfortable to be in the room. I wanted to ask a question but all I could come up with was how does he miss the tournament starting 2 All-SEC players, or when was he going to ditch the boring-ass offense. Instead, I kept my mouth shut.

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  2. Debby Balcer

    Interesting that the events are close to both rivals in the SEC -Auburn and UF.


  3. Hill Billy Dawg

    Sure would be nice if they could hit something in NOWEGA. Rome, Dalton even Cartersville.


  4. Tony Barnfart

    It is pretty gross. I’m kinda coming around to your side here. Are they raising money “for the kids” or the (fucking) insane salaries they all make to coach and administer a game [at a non-profit institution of higher learning] ? It’s not totally different from being disgusted by politicians who work in “public service” their whole lives and leave office insanely wealthy.


    • atlasshrugged55

      Maybe they see the SEC revenue stream slowing & are trying to coddle back up to the the regular Joe fan so the ever-increasing contribution minimums & ticket prices aren’t so offensive. We may view them as a bumbling bunch at times but they are very calculated about how to get into our wallets.

      As many have mentioned in previous posts, 2020 will be a time many face decisions. ND will be a game in the past w/ more cupcakes lined up than legitimate games. Personally, I want the Power 5 conferences to split & be forced to only play one another. It’s time for the big boys to fight amongst themselves.

      Happy Easter! He is risen! (& all this football is just for entertainment)


  5. BulldogGemes

    2 years ago they did free events also but I understand the sentiment.