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Regardless of which side of the amateurism debate you fall…

… there’s one thing all of us should agree on and that is Mark Emmert has no business speaking publicly on the subject.

Tl;dr version:  “Parents, nice scholarship your daughter has there.  Be a shame if anything happened to it.”

What a shitbird.


UPDATE:  By the way,

He’s full of shit.  But we knew that.



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This day in Dawg history

Kind of a minor thing…


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Today, in gobbledegook

This is one giant-sized paragraph of nothin’.

For the NCAA, stepping into the area of what it refers to as individual accountability is complicated territory.

“You quickly recognize that there are other entities that hold individuals accountable for criminal acts per se or even for violations of Title IX on specific campuses when investigations are completed,” NCAA chief legal officer Don Remy said. “And so as we have looked at this we have looked at our role as composed of all of higher education. And how can we in college athletics be part of the higher education dialogue to change the culture. And how can we make sure that student-athletes are treated the same as students who are on campus who don’t compete in athletics. Not to create any preferential treatment for student-athletes or to create a negative environment for student-athletes, but to have student-athletes be able to matriculate through their time on campus like other students who aren’t competing in athletics.”

Not to mention by focusing on individual accountability, Remy neatly sidesteps the role the NCAA could play with its member institutions regarding sexual assault.

I guess these guys are still smarting over their Penn State debacle.


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Run the damned ball, Georgia.

Those Chubb and Michel fellas weren’t too shabby.

Knowshon’s 2008 season wasn’t anything to sneer at, either.  What that season might have been with a good defense…


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Times are tough.

After her first year on the job, the coach of the North Carolina Central women’s basketball team laid off ten employees… er, didn’t renew the scholarships of ten players.

I’m sure things will get a lot worse once they start paying student-athletes.


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Spring practice round up

From the bottom of the tea cup to you…

  • Interesting Kirby Smart quote about Jacob Eason:  “We just had a guy leave here with the strongest arm I’ve ever seen,” Smart said this week on SiriusXM radio. “When you’re comparing arm strength, a lot more to me matters in decision-making, process, can you get people lined up? Can you get everybody to do it right? Are you looking at the right places and reading the way the coaches are asking you to do. A lot of throwing the ball is anticipation moreso than just arm speed and arm talent.”
  • Mark Webb, getting a chance in the secondary.
  • Trey Hill, making a move?
  • Kirby Smart says he’s not using the loss in the national title game as motivation, but that may be because the players are doing that on their own.
  • Life on the defensive line is thin right now.


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