This day in Dawg history

Kind of a minor thing…


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  1. Spike

    I remember!!!

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  2. Macallanlover

    Definitely a key moment in Dawg sports history, still the greatest single football player in NCAA history. I wonder how this would have played out in today’s internet/social media spotlight. Perhaps not much differently than #1 RB Zamir White, or #1 QB Justin Fields? After all, Herschel wasn’t that highly regarded by Vince during August practices heading into the TN game. Or would the recruitment scrutiny have turned up numerous reports of misconduct by both Clemson and UGA? And you know Auburn would have been involved if anything illegal were going on, they miss very few of those opportunities. Herschel may well have escaped to the West Coast to avoid the hysteria in the Southeast, he was always a humble guy who didn’t want things to be just about him.

    And waiting until April to commit? That would have been a national circus with guys like Urbie, Saban, Harbaugh, etc., involved. Harbaugh would have owned significant real estate in Wrightsville, and they would have gotten their first Mercedes dealership.


  3. Dawg19

    Munson discusses Dooley’s “big stiff fullback”.


    • I always thought Munson loved beating Tennessee more than anyone else. All his time in Nashville especially working for Vanderbilt probably made him hate Tooth Nation.


    • Tlkdawg

      I have never noticed until now that Herschel nearly dropped the ball on his 2nd TD against the vowels, at 3:47. Could have really changed UGA history if we lose that game on a fumble by a freshman that Dooley didn’t consider ready going into this game. Interesting, sure glad he held onto it.

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      • 92 grad

        This is one reason college ball is so special. Talented athletes come of age right before our eyes. The no fun league just stages things.


  4. 86BONE

    Our bag was bigger than Clemson’s bag….saw it myself. Trans Ams with Blaupunkt radios don’t grow on trees


    • mwo

      I always said I needed Herschel’s dad to manage my finances. TransAm and horses
      in a sawmill salary.


      • Bogart Double Dawg

        What can I add…well from a former career and secondhand from someone who worked with a three letter agency that covered Johnson County back then…so maybe this is hypothetically…

        Hauling sacks of stuff to a sheriff’s back woods product from way back is a good way to build thighs. Particularly when your father has been helping with operating things there for. Not a big deal now, nor really then.

        OTH can even better than a lot from a package store, but you got to know where it is from.