Musical palate cleanser, blue-eyed soul edition

When I was tracking down a Nazz clip for Garage Week, I came across some other clips of Todd Rundgren appearing on Live At Darryl’s House.  As you might imagine, these two musical icons from Philadelphia meshed together quite well.

Nice white-boy soul there.

By the way, if Todd’s Something/Anything? isn’t part of your music collection, you need to fix that real soon.


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2 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, blue-eyed soul edition

  1. gastr1

    Man, Daryl Hall makes “Can We Still be Friends” his own. Love these tracks.


  2. Mayor

    These tracks ARE terrific! The “Live From Darryl’s House” program that was actually recorded at Todd Rungren’s house in Hawaii was the best of all those shows IMHO and I also recommend the entire series of Darryl’s shows. You can find them all online.