“Size doesn’t excite me.”

Get your mind out of the gutter.  Kirby Smart’s talking about offensive linemen.

“Size doesn’t excite me,” Smart said when asked about the prospects of having Ben Cleveland and Isaiah Wilson on one side of the offensive line. “What’s inside that helmet does. You know, the first time I saw Isaiah Wynn I didn’t exactly get excited, but I was pretty disappointed when he left. So it’s not a matter of how they look all the time. It’s more about how they play.”

Yeah, yeah, I get all that.  But it’s not like Wynn was an underfed midget, either.  He was a healthy 6-2, 313.  A little short for the position, but that’s all.

Pittman is recruiting monsters for the offensive line.  When the day comes that stops, I’ll buy into the lack of excitement point of view.  For now, it’s nothing but this month’s motivational stone.


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  1. No mention of Andrew Thomas and the transition to left tackle … I like that a lot.


  2. I think CKS is being consistent with the media that what these kids are hearing every day in practice. There is more to being a linemen than size and strength; but it sure as heck doesn’t hurt. These guys were 5 and high 4 stars for a reason. THE difference between UGA’s recruiting classes under CMR vrs. CKS is the line. And that will be the difference that keep UGA consistently in the Top 5 and will equal a NCS or two or three. 🙂


    • old dawg

      the last really good O line I remember goes back to Coach Neil Calloway days before he left for UAB…needless to say, those 2002 and 2005 teams were SEC Champs…Neil seems to have found a home now coaching at Southern Cal…


  3. mdcgtp

    He follows the Belichick/Saban model of building a roster…”big people beat up little people.”

    Thus, what i believe Kirby meant to say was that size in isolation does not excite him nor do high school ratings. If size was the only criteria, Sam Madden would have cracked the lineup years ago. If size didn’t matter, he would be recruiting more guys like Kublanow. That said, he wants big guys who are physical and willing to compete for their starting spot. For the first time in modern UGA football memory, we have more capable OL than starting (and even top reserve) roles.


    • Gaskilldawg

      First time in modern UGA history?

      Depends upon when modern history starts. When I was a student we had an era in which we had All American offensive linemen Royce Smith, Randy Johnson, Craig Hartwig, Joel Parrish, Mike Wilson and George Collins. Along with All SEC Steve Johnson and Ken Helms all on the roster at the same time.

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  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Correction, Pittman is signing 5-star and high 4-star monsters for the offensive line.

    We’ve had plenty of huge 3-star linemen.


    • Russ

      True dat. We had the largest line in all football, including the NFL, when we got beat by Boise in the dome. Size by itself doesn’t matter. Size and talent matters. Lots of size and talent (numbers wise) matters a lot.


  5. B

    I got to see a bit of practice on Saturday and they are all big, but Isaiah Wilson is an absolute monster, and Trey Hill has the widest thighs I’ve ever seen. They are playing big man ball..


    • I had heard Wilson came on like gangbusters the latter part of last year.


      • B

        The thing that amazed me the most was the precision and pace in which the practice moved. It was corregraphed down to the minute, and every player was getting reps 1s vs 2s, and 3s vs 4s both inside (IPF) and outside on grass. Also, Stetson Bennett has a cannon. No joke, he throws a beautiful ball, similar to Jarrett Stidham. People will be talking about him after GDay.


    • Tony Barnfart

      Talk dirty to me.


  6. This post has been up nearly 5 hours and there’s not a single “that’s what she said” joke? Jeez – this place really has gone downhill lately.


  7. Mayor

    To paraphrase Bill Clinton: “It’s the O-Line stupid.” Win up front and we will have a damn good O–and I’m betting both will happen this upcoming season.