“Do you want to f— with a baller, baby?”

What is it with the Petrino family?

“I stand behind my track record of handling allegations of inappropriate conduct toward women swiftly and decisively,” said Petrino, who was hired in December 2012.

Yeah, sure.

Other missteps included:

▪  Miller told Moscow Police and football head coach Paul Petrino that Level threatened to slap her in the training room. Petrino doesn’t remember that conversation, he said, but it’s reflected in the police report generated that day. Spear says he was never informed of that incident.

▪  Jameson was told in a meeting led by Spear that the university couldn’t investigate her assault because it happened off campus, she said. Spear says he operated under an outdated university policy that didn’t include off-campus incidents. The Department of Education released extensive Title IX guidance in 2011 that clarified universities’ obligation to investigate off-campus incidents of sexual harassment or assault. Idaho changed its policy in March 2012 to comply — more than a year before Jameson’s case. Also, some of the alleged harassment occurred on campus.

▪ Spear wrote in an email to Jameson’s parents after the assault that Level was “not a threat” but also indicated that he’d told Petrino to keep him away from the school’s female athletes.

▪  Level was dismissed from the team 16 days after Jameson’s accusation, after Moscow Police Lt. Dave Lehmitz found surveillance video that corroborated Jameson’s assault complaint and determined he could cite Level for misdemeanor battery. But Jameson wasn’t told of Level’s fate for several weeks, she said. During that time, she considered transferring to another school to get away from him.

▪  Spear, Petrino and swimming and diving coach Mark Sowa were told May 7, 2013, in a meeting with the university’s legal counsel that they hadn’t followed Title IX guidance with Jameson’s complaint, Spear said. He didn’t tell Jameson that, or apologize, until Feb. 13, 2018 — nearly five years later.

I’d hate to see what slow and indecisive looks like.


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2 responses to ““Do you want to f— with a baller, baby?”

  1. steve

    Glad there weren’t surveillance cameras at the TEP or Phi Delta house in the 60’s. Best Saturday game day-night parties anywhere on earth. On second thought, maybe the recordings would allow me to remember more than the 1st 30 minutes. I still haven’t found my roommate’s keys to his white ’65 Mustang even after ~50 yrs.
    Is this the correct thread for these comments?


  2. MDDawg

    He wasn’t a threat but he was told to stay away from female athletes. This reminds me of a scene from A Few Good Men: “Why the second order? If you told your men that Santiago wasn’t to be touched, then why was he being transferred?”