Man, what did you expect?

I can’t say I’m particularly sympathetic to Ole Miss’ current plight, but that doesn’t mean I’m surprised by this news, either.

Ole Miss is objecting to Shea Patterson’s assessment of the conditions within the program that the quarterback claims caused him to transfer from the school amid an NCAA scandal, his attorney tells CBS Sports.

The objection recently sent to the NCAA could impact Patterson’s ongoing transfer waiver appeal as he is looking to immediately become eligible to play for Michigan in 2018. The objection is part of a response delivered to the NCAA last month, according to attorney Thomas Mars.

Patterson is seeking a waiver of the NCAA’s traditional year-in-residence rule for transfers before becoming eligible. The approval of such a waiver would presumably have a significant impact on the Wolverines’ 2018 season.

“Whoever wrote that response for Ole Miss either wasn’t paying attention last year or had a case of selective amnesia,” Mars said.

Or perhaps — just perhaps — there’s another reason.

Ole Miss has issues with how its former quarterback portrayed his reasons for transferring after the Rebels were put on NCAA probation late last year, sources said.

CBS Sports reported in February that Patterson and five other former teammates feel they were misled on the scope of that NCAA investigation by former coach Hugh Freeze.

Electronic communications obtained by CBS Sports supporting their cases were included by those players in their appeals.

Another person working closely with Patterson’s appeal said misleading statements made by Freeze about the scope of the NCAA investigation were “a flat-out, deliberate lie.”

Does Mars really think the school was just going to shrug its shoulders and say “our bad”?  Patterson may still wind up gaining his eligibility in time for the 2018 season, but to think Ole Miss was going to roll over and accept Mars’ portrayal of its recruiting is its own version of not paying attention.  That’s not about what’s already happened; it’s about the here and now on the recruiting trail.


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12 responses to “Man, what did you expect?

  1. Ole Miss conduct during this entire debacle has been laughable. Freeze wasn’t in this alone. In fact, if his phone had not had a call girls number on it, he would still be Ole Miss’s coach. That lying and cheating cost UGA a 5 star tackle, that ended up being a pot head in Oxford. The Nkemdiche brothers both suffered from poor decision after poor decision in Oxford. How different would have all three of these players lives have been had they gone to UGA. They would have been dismissed and ended up with great careers at Auburn! 🙂 Seriously… That program was corrupt and still feels that some of that is still there. Kind of a mini-Auburn…


    • mwo

      And to ole miss’ credit, they now have the #1 recruiting class for 2019.


      • ASEF

        12 x 3 stars > (3 x 4 stars) + 1 5 star.

        Meaningless ranking at this point.


        • ChiliDawg

          Yep, that ranking reflects quantity over quality. They’ll fall way down the list once the higher ranked athletes start filling out other classes.


          • 3rdandGrantham

            As mentioned below, their blue chip rate is a rather poor 20%. They almost certainly will not even finish in the top 20 when it’s all said and done.


  2. Cojones

    Don’t look now, but Ole Miss just had 5 commits in the last 4 days and now leads all teams in the country for 2019 recruiting. Patterson’s transfer isn’t being reviewed by HS players who just are looking for an opportunity, cheating or not.

    Think someone should inform them or just wait and see what the dog drug in for punishment of past discretions? Either amnesia is communicable or someone’s flat-out deliberately lying again.


    • 3rdandGrantham

      Who cares…its merely quantity over quality at this point, as they have twelve 3 star commits and only three 4 star ones, for a rather pathetic 20% blue chip ratio. And none of their recent commits would even be a take for Kirby and co. as we aim for yet another 80% blue chip ratio in this class.


      • Cojones

        The post wasn’t about the quality of players, rather about the increasing frequency of recent commits in the face of pending sanctions that will affect each of their teenage lives.

        Open lying and denial is the face of Ole Miss recruiting and it is supported all the way to their President, much as if it is following suit to a national phenomenon. They seem to be dipping their wick into the mantra of political musings that is best characterized by the old friendship poem:
        “Friends may come and friends may go,
        And some friends just peter out, you know.
        But I’ll be your friend through thick and thin,
        peter out or peter in.”


  3. 3rdandGrantham

    All of this seems so petty – like a group of JV cheerleaders away at camp who are aren’t getting along too well. Not only does Ole Miss ignore the courtesy package UM sent them – as by NCAA rule they weren’t required to respond to it – they waited until the very last day to respond out of spite as well.

    Remember, this is the same administration who merely had to offer a public apology to Houston Nutt in order to make his lawsuit go away, but instead they fought publicly with him and wasted an additional seven figures in legal fees as a result…and in the end was forced to apologize anyway. If I recall, it was Ole Miss’ stubbornness in the first place that led to Nutt’s attorney discovering the dirt on Freeze that got him fired. You’d think they would learn from their juvenile behavior, but clearly not.


  4. Uglydawg

    What a model for rebuilding. Trash your program with cheating and lying, get an NCAA investigation that is very serious…lose your players and use the vacuum to suck in starry eyed kids who only see an opportunity to play in the SEC their first year. The NCAA is inept and useless…OMS should be allowed to recruit, but without scholarships.


  5. Ahhh, the babe in the woods routine. And total B-S. Every damn recruit for about a 3 year cycle was either (a) in on the cheating or (b) knew damn well the NCAA was hot on Ole Miss’ tail. Gimme a break.

    We just better beat them back into the stone age next time we get a shot at them. In 2016, we caught them at the very peak of their cheating, just before the bottom fell out, while we were literally at the nadir of a coaching transition. If you charted out the fortunes of the two programs since then, the graph would literally look like an ‘X’. Still, it chaps my ass.


    • Argondawg

      Exactly. I think kids should be able to play wherever they want to play without restrictions. That being said there was no way Shea patterson was clueless as to what was coming down the pipe. All he had to do was google the investigation. He may save Harbaugh’s bacon but I’m not buying they didn’t know what was going on.