12 down, 3 to go

As the team heads down the spring practice road towards this Saturday’s G-Day game, we’ve learned… not much.

The Bulldogs are also a work in progress this spring after their run to the national championship game last season but on this day the defense held its own a week after the offense was said to have moved the ball well.

“We tried to run the ball some more trying to test the defense and I thought the defense had one of their better practices when it comes to being able to stop the run,” coach Kirby Smart said. “The offense kind of dominated the third down period and the defense had been dominating that so it was almost a see-saw effect of some of the periods with the defense winning the offensive periods and vice versa. It was very competitive and thought the guys played very hard.”

The scrimmage was closed to the media.

It was the first time inside Sanford Stadium for Georgia’s early enrollees. Cornerback Divaad Wilson is out with a torn ACL and running back Zamir White didn’t scrimmage as he returns from a torn ACL last November, but seven other early enrollees took part.

That includes right tackle Cade Mays, guard Trey Hill and center Warren Ericson.

“All three offensive linemen, they go with the twos and the threes,” Smart said. “They get reps. They compete. They block people. (Outside linebacker) Brenton Cox gets to go with the ones every now and then and pass rush, he’s learning what to do. There’s a lot of guys who have gotten better and helped us and I think it was really critical to get those guys in considering what we lost.”

Not that I expected much more.  Although there is this:

Smart said Georgia has thrown the ball more this spring “than we have in the past.”

Pretty low bar there, true, but I guess you could say perhaps that reflects a combination of trust in the running game, a reflection of the improvement on the offensive line and a lesson learned from losing your starting quarterback in the opening game of the season.  In any event, I’ll be curious to see if any of that is reflected on the field for G-Day.


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6 responses to “12 down, 3 to go

  1. Macallanlover

    Sure I am not the only one that looked forward to some specific details on rushing yardage, passing stats, etc., from closed scrimmages. Usually a couple of times in the spring, and again in the summer. Going to put a lot of pressure on the QBs to win that QBR battle with only that one metric to measure top honors. I get the need for practices and scrimmages being closed, but a few peeks under the kimona isn’t asking too much.


    • Tony Barnfart

      A tight lipped relationship with the media is a double edged sword. When life is good, you’re like a great war General in his finest hour. When things go south, public opinion nosedives on you quickly.


  2. Excited to see Fields air it out at G-Day. I’ve a feeling he’ll impress a lot of people.

    Can’t wait for another summer of “quarterback controversy” fueled by us amateurs.


  3. Russ

    Having the defense and offense taking turns shutting each other down gives me good feelings. I think it will be the toughest competition either side faces for much (if not all) season.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    I’d like to know how the punting is coming along. But I guess that’ll have to wait til Camarda gets on campus.


  5. AusDawg85

    Is Goggles kicking 60 yarders yet? Butthead needs to be earning his money as a grad assistant.