“He’s whipping us into shape real quick.”

Florida, proving once again there’s no preseason happy talk like new S&C coach — and I gotta admit “Nick Savage” is a perfect name for an S&C coach — preseason happy talk.


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8 responses to ““He’s whipping us into shape real quick.”

  1. dawgman3000

    They’re being whipped into shape to take another whipping in Jacksonville.

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  2. I thought to be a good S&C coach you had to have a shaved head and goatee.


  3. Spike

    Is he the designated “Get Back Guy” on the sideline?


  4. ChiliDawg

    “Mullen said players averaged a 3.5 percent loss in body fat during the first two months Savage has been there, eye-popping numbers that prove what Florida had been doing wrong and what Savage is doing right. ”

    Anybody that has been through a typical training cycle will tell you that there’s nothing eye popping about that. Everyone bulks during the off-season and cuts in the pre-season, so there’s always body fat to cut, and 3.5% isn’t that crazy a number. A 220lb athlete at 10% body fat who drops 5.5 lbs during a cutting cycle has dropped 3.5 percent body fat. I think it’s highly likely those numbers are almost a mirror of whatever their Spring workouts last year were, had they bothered to track them.

    But of course, as we well know, every time you get a new S&C coach, he’s revolutionizing the way your guys work out.

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  5. Mayor

    I don’t think FU’s problem last year was conditioning. Just sayin.’


  6. “Players averaged a 3.5 percent loss in body fat during the first two months Savage has been there”

    BREAKING: UF S&C coach makes kids exercise after the holidays


  7. OurADisAGlorifiedBoatAnchor

    I skimmed this headline and thought it was “He’s Quipping is into Shape.”

    Now that’s an article I would read. 🙂


  8. Russ

    I heard Florida had a drug problem. They got drug up and down the field!