Wear it and be wonderful.

Evidently this is a real thing.

Yes, that’s a 2017 SEC West division champs ring.  Soon to be a collector’s item, no doubt.


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32 responses to “Wear it and be wonderful.

  1. Spike

    Did it come wrapped in toilet paper?

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  2. Castleberry



  3. DavetheDawg

    Honduran street vendors are salivating…


  4. BMan

    Less upkeep than everyone getting their own pony, I suppose.


  5. Bless their little Barner hearts

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  6. OrlandoDawg

    UCF slow claps.


  7. Bigshoy

    Rings gather dust and that one will for sure

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  8. 3rdandGrantham

    Good gosh. That is akin to the Germans getting commemorate rings made after WW2 celebrating their victory in the Battle of the Netherlands.


  9. Texas Dawg

    So now Auburn is giving out participation awards?

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  10. DoubleDawg1318

    I saw a Georgia player with a large SEC East champ ring a few years ago so I guess I won’t say anything about AU


  11. Macallanlover

    Despite how embarrassing this should be for their $50MM head coach and the low integrity fans who dominate their fan base, why isn’t this viewed as just another way to give “participation money” to athletes? Ugly, and meaningless as it may be, there is street value in pawn shops and on the internet. I am not sure flying a banner over the stadium isn’t going to far (all schools, not just AU) but a ring with diamonds has more value than a signed jersey. What is different in the NCAA’s mind (sic)? Why not just give them a wad of $100s to snuggle up close to and hug, along with therapy to help them deal with their falling short?

    There was much more to feel good about when UGA came up a play short in 2012 and we didn’t curl up in a ball and issue rings. Yes, we fly a banner somewhere, I think; but I am damned glad we didn’t flip out like AU and UCF are doing. Auburn, the new SC/mid major!


  12. Ellis

    How to make Nick Saban laugh…


  13. Merk

    Eh, I can’t really get upset about this. They did win the West, which would be worthy of a banner. Now, if they had beat us and Bama, but still lost the West, then we could be talking about pathetic and laughing.


  14. Got Cowdog

    If you look at it “big-picture”, the WarTiglePlainsmen of 2017 did beat UGA and Alabama. In their fervor they grossly overpaid their coach who promptly got their ass handed to them in the SEC championship and lost to a mid-major in a nationally televised bowl game. In the meantime their two most hated rivals (Both of whom they defeated in the regular season, remember) played one hell of a ball game for the national championship.I’m OK if they want to commemorate their season. I hope their keepsake/ trinket continues to remind them of the ENTIRE season. I’m telling ya’s, 2017 is the gift that keeps on giving!


    • Macallanlover

      Your opening sentence should read, “if you look at the wrong picture”. They won 2 regular season games, at home, both in a must win situation. They lost the game that really mattered/meant a title. That is the picture that counted, and they seemed to realize it by embarrassing themselves in an exhibition game, which was their prize by losing the biggest game of their season. Any other conclusion is rationalization. Which of those teams came out in third by any measure of the players, coaches, or fans?


      • Got Cowdog

        No, I meant “big picture” just like I said. “Overall picture” might be more specific concerning my comment, perhaps a better descriptor. I was mostly poking fun at one of my least favorite fan bases while they basked in the fucktardedness of their dubious distinction by commemorating the event with a sad talisman.
        Why would I ever need to rationalize auburn getting “hosed” as a Georgia fan?


  15. Macallanlover

    Apologize for not being current with our own stupidity. Not really, ignorance was bliss, I feel much worse about us stooping to that level. I hope our guys never wear them, and wish we could erase info available on the internet. I have always debated about flying banners for division titles but came down on the side of, it being minimally OK.. But rings? Oh, my! That is really bad.


  16. Jt (the other one)

    Well that is right up there with UCF having a National Champion parade…the Barn’ having one in 2004…and the Star Wars Phantom Menace Movie…


  17. Nice participation trophy you got there!