The real meaning of spring game

Okay, who said this, Nick Saban or Kirby Smart?

“It really means a lot to the program and really means a lot to our players and really means a lot to recruiting that we have a tremendous crowd. We don’t like for our team to be complacent in any way, and we certainly don’t want our fans to be complacent in terms of the support they give our players.”


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15 responses to “The real meaning of spring game

  1. Derek

    Since there are no “aiights” I’ll go with Kirby.


  2. Chunky A

    The best part of that commentary was “There is no way Ill be eating beans on Monday”


  3. Gaskilldawg

    I increased my Hartman Fund contribution and paid more for season tickets and Kirby is worried I am complacent?


    • Reipar

      Geez man. You should at least go to the trouble of reading the article before you start complaining. Kirby did not say it.


      • Dave

        “our players” had me thinking Saban. Irregahdless, I don’t think Kirby was worried about Gaskilldawg in particular. Even the most blase fan bases have plenty of non-complacent fans.
        Not sure why some folks proactively try to take everything personally.


      • Gaskilldawg

        Exactly right . I should have read the article first. My bad.


  4. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Great to watch football. Even pretend football. 🙂


  5. I decided to give my buddy and his family a ride down to the stadium and make a seat for someone who doesn’t get to go to regular games.

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  6. It’s no packed house at Bama.


  7. Yes, the Bama game was running late but, at least in Athens on Dish, ESPN switched to the Dawgs


  8. DawgFlan

    I watched our game, but nothing came close to the entertainment value of the UT spring game. Fulmer’s interview highlights included talking about knowing who the bad guys within UT are and knowing where the bodies are buried… And then at halftime the sideline reporter led off his interview of the head coach by calling him Phil before a quick correction to Jeremy. Pruitt was not amused. I think that’s called a Freudian slip? I need to find the video.


    • DawgFlan

      Found it! See minutes 23:13 and 43:00 @


      • gastr1

        Thanks for sharing, that is a hoot. Maybe they’ll go 1-11 or something like that this year. I’ll enjoy the fireworks if they do.


    • Dolly Llama

      Oh, God, VolNation is a damn delight this morning. It’s got them waxing poetic and fighting among themselves:

      The poetic:

      *Love ya, Phil, but Fulmer don’t do it.
      Stay out of the way of Coach Pruitt.
      Don’t give in to some overt or covert mob.
      Please stay out and let the man do his job.

      Don’t stand behind him whispering, looking over his shoulder.
      You’ll just make him have doubts and second thoughts of being bolder;
      In his game planning, adjustments, and playcalling on the field.
      Becoming timid for fear of being perceived as a heel.

      So I plead with you in desperation and even tears;
      Let Jeremy Pruitt simply be who and what he is.
      The SECCountry talking of Pruitt leaning on you.
      Gene Stalling Tide talk is the opposite of what you should do.

      In the words of an old Florida ball coach;
      Who too often made our dear Vols yell “Ouch!”
      When you got two quarterbacks, you got no quarterback.
      Having two head coaches leads to the same type of lack.

      –WoodsmanVol– *

      The immediate retort, from one “fade route”

      Yes Phil, please keep your opinions about football to yourself, you obviously know nothing. Just let our 6th choice coordinator who’s never been a head coach before do the job he’s never done before. He obviously doesn’t need you. Smh

      And just one more, from commenter “Jaws”:

      *Pruitt has a chance to be a fine coach, time will tell.

      But at some point, he’s gotta stop sounding like Clem the auto mechanic trying to explain why your tires “ain’t no good when they don’t got no tread on them.”

      Good grief, I get the hard-nosed, southern-fried country coach schtick, but eventually you also have to sound like you could hold your own in front of a room full of CEO’s or big time boosters, right?

      Or how about in the living room of inner-city recruits? Not sure how well the Cletus Goober persona plays in that environment.

      Again, time will tell.*