Kirby brought his A-game trolling to G-Day.

To everyone whose heart skipped a beat after yesterday’s QBRs, Georgia’s head coach has a not-so-subtle reminder:

The key difference here is one quarterback is facing the No. 1 defense while the other is not. It’s not uncommon for the backup quarterbacks to outshine the starters during spring intrasquad games. Georgia sets up its annual G-Day Game where the No. 1 offense is going against the No. 1 defense, the 2s versus the 2s, and so on. So that first group, either way, has the tougher job. Conceivably at least.

“You all were sitting there last year saying the same things you are now because the other guy was throwing against the No. 2 defense and he was throwing it pretty good,” Smart said, referring to Fromm going 14-of-23 with 277 yards and two touchdowns this time last year. “Jacob Eason was in there going against the No. 1 defense, which at that time was really good. So, there’s a lot of similarities between those two situations.”

Then, again, remember that the true freshman wound up taking the starting job in each of those seasons… so maybe we should be asking who Kirby is really trolling here.


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17 responses to “Kirby brought his A-game trolling to G-Day.

  1. Bulldog Joe

    Forget it, Jake. It’s G-Day.

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  2. Greg

    yes indeed….after the other guy got injured. No controversy, but you will see plenty write about it in the offseason. Fromm’s job to lose, if healthy…he keeps it imo. If not, that just means Fields is better & the dawgs are better for it….nice problem to have.



    Our situation at QB is a nice luxury…


  4. Uglydawg

    Step aside, Kirby. This is our annual QB controversy hullabaloo and we won’t have you stuffing it.
    Stetson is clearly number two.


  5. And ESPN cut away just before Jake threw his bomb!


    • Jake threw 2 other downfield balls that should have been caught as well. That guy on the WWL was trying to bait Blackledge into saying there’s a QB controversy in Athens. Blackledge correctly said Fromm is the entrenched starter but Fields will play.


      • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

        Mentioning Blackledge reminded me: I watched the Alabama game with the Kirkster and our game with Blackledge. We won that battle, imo.

        Maybe I just have come to hate Herbie, but he cannot shut up and still never says anything notable.

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  6. mwo

    This will all make for a long offseason of what ifs and i heard so and so. I was hoping McGarity would have hired the Big 10 officiating crew that hosed UGA in the NC game to work the game yesterday. The atmosphere would have been better.



    Jake showed he is human. Really impressed with the #1 defense. With a little grooming they will not be that far off last years squad.

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    • Ellis

      We may have just played the best defense we will play this year.


    • Derek

      The D will be better than last years group.

      Other than punter and RB, which is unsettled to say the least, we’ll be better across the board IMO. If swift and Zeus are full go we may not miss a beat there too.

      Getting Fields snaps is going to pressure dc’s every week. That kid is not going to be the starter but he’s uber-talented.


      • Holyfield and Herrien looked pretty solid when they got the ball. Herrien caught the ball well out of the backfield. Other than losing the leadership and talent of Chubb and Michel, there’s a lot of talent among Swift, Holyfield, Herrien, White and Cook.

        This D may be more of the lunch pail crew than last year, but Clark, Walker, LeCounte, Reed, Baker, etc. have the potential to be excellent. Fromm tried to pick on McGhee a little, but the guy held up well against Ridley in particular.


        • Dawgtired

          “Herrien caught the ball well out of the backfield.”

          Herrien looked comfortable in that roll…a pleasant surprise that could become a weapon. He always runs hard.


  8. Starbreaker

    Watching him live and in person for the first time, I can see why everyone was raving about Fields…kid is quick, elusive and has a strong arm but also some touch. A few of those runs where the pocket broke down, you knew he was off to the races if not for the touch tackle rule. Of course, this is Fromm’s team, but will be interesting to see how the staff works Fields in. Watching the RBs, all I could think about was how LOADED we will be when we have Swift, Zeus and Cook also up and running in the fall. Especially with the depth that’s been build on the OL.

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