Saban’s got it.

This is remarkable.

Chalk it up to recruiting, player development, whatever.  The man can friggin’ coach.

It sure would be nice to see Kirby putting up similar numbers a few years down the road, wouldn’t it?


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  1. Derek

    Most of the 21 were top 100 or 5 stars, so ‘crootin rule. However, there are a few: Ryan Kelly, Chance Warmack, Donta Hightower who were not. Of note, none of those three went to HS in Alabama. That’s pretty impressive to take a less than elite prospect from Ohio, Georgia and Tennessee away from their in state schools and they end up being 1st rounders.


  2. 92 grad

    His discipline that allows him to achieve consistency is remarkable to me. It’s like someone on a hot streak at the blackjack table that just keeps playing 5 dollar bets. The moment you lay down a 10 dollar bet is the moment it begins to wane.


  3. There’s no secret sauce to the major reason Saban will go down as the best CFB coach of all time. Simply stated – he’s got dudes.


    • Cojones

      Yes, and if the dudes don’t see the field very much because another player is in front of them, they continue to be the dudes that the NFL is interested in except they may be taken in the later rounds.


  4. DawgPhan

    It would be amazing to see UGA put 21 1st round guys in the NFL over the next 7 years.

    That is an average of 3 1st round players on every team for 7 years.

    Last UGA team with 2 1st rounders was 2012 team with Olgetree and Jones.

    Having 2 1st rounders on a team almost always meant a good season for UGA.
    Draft year
    2001 Seymour(1) Stroud(1) Kendrell Bell(2) Quincy Carter(2) Jonas Jennings(3) and Jamie Henderson(4) all in the first 4 rounds.

    But that is an all timer for a UGA draft class and Bama is pumping out better classes year after year. It is so incredible.


  5. ApalachDawg

    Saban+REC = global super power but…
    Here comes Kirby and the sleeping giant that is the great state of Georgia. Shits Getting real for those that play the Dawgs because the days of a soft team from Athens is over.


  6. DawgPhan

    At least one mock has dawgs getting 3 1st rounders this draft.

    Smith, Sony, and Wynn.

    that would be great.


  7. ugafidelis

    They’ve got a projected 4 first-rounders this year to our 1. And it took a blown coverage in OT for them to beat us. We comin’ baby!


  8. pretty damn impressive, no matter what the reason is.


  9. Boz

    4 first rounders last night.. I bet they have less than half of the collective starts of the 4 decades worth of players too.