Thanks, but no thanks.

Someone in the comments posted this absurd tweet from Tennessee, bragging about the players its coaches have put in the pros.

A certain Dawg wasn’t impressed.


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20 responses to “Thanks, but no thanks.

  1. Brandon

    Hopefully we will soon get a story about Pruitt showing up at the house of Tennessee’s PR guy drunk and wanting to fight.

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  2. Hill Billy Dawg

    This is gonna get some more kind of funny. It’s almost as good as champions of life or five star hearts


  3. Spike

    Who, exactly, are they referring to?


  4. That’s desperation. I don’t imagine Leonard Floyd (or any of them) agreed to be put on a Tennessee recruiting poster.


  5. Walter sobchak

    Maybe Tennessee meant they made him look so good they helped get him drafted?

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  6. BCDawg97

    Even better – it is only 89 as Amarlo Herrera is on the list twice 🤣


  7. Uglydawg

    Maybe it’s just me, but this poster or whatever it is looks like it’s right out of the 1960s. Tennessee is just that way. The stadium looks like it, the checkerboard thing is even older. But this thing looks like something you would see on the back of a popcorn box at a drive-in theater.


  8. BMan

    It was either this twitter campaign or “Four hot dogs, four cokes, four wins.” It will be an interesting year up on ol’ Rocky Flop.


  9. 3rdandGrantham

    This list is absurd on multiple levels, but what stands out to me is that only ONE player on the list played at UT. If I’m a HS player, I’m going to look at this and think, ‘wait a minute…UT is actually pimping players from rival schools while they themselves only have one player from this list.’

    By the way, guys UGA guys like Wilson and Hererra are listed twice in this. So either their proofreading guy sucks, or they are trying to pull a fast one to get to that 90 number, which I guess to them sounds better than 84 or whatever. Finally, you know Theus will be far from the first to publicly state that they want their name removed from the list, so if anything this whole campaign will only backfire on them.

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  10. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    If there was ever a time when college players needed the ability to control the use of their names and likenesses.

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  11. Heyberto

    Peyton Manning is losing his mind right now. If you guys remember, he was none too happy when Kiffin redecorated some exhibition room with players he coached, and removed the UT players that were in the NFL to make room. I’d be pissed too.


  12. Jared S.

    Random thought…

    As much as I dislike ADGM, and as much as I dislike the way he went about firing Richt and hiring Smart…..

    I thank God he hired Smart, and that we don’t have to go through the utter embarrassment of having someone like Pruitt, BOOM, McElwain, Freeze, or Malzahn, Beliema, or even Jimbo Fisher as our HC.

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  13. MooseDawg

    How is this not outright theft of Intellectual Property?

    Colleges have argued (tortuously) that the consideration balance is the scholarship for the naming and image rights. Hard to understand but at least a contractual arrangement.

    How is it possible that a different college who employs a coach who once worked with that player had carte blanche use of those images? Where is the contract? Where is the consideration?

    Does that mean that Michael Jordan’s middle school English teacher (because of their connection) has the right to use his image without his consent and without compensation?