“… there is no need to wait for a ruling from the courts”

Jeffrey Kessler’s ultimate takeaway from the Rice commission’s recommendation is succinct:

But he added that athletes ability to control use of their name image and likeness is not “the heart of the matter.”

“The heart of the matter is that Alabama can pay its (strength) coach $500,000 a year and it’s prohibited from taking care of its athletes if it wants to — and many of these athletes will never spend one day in the NFL or NBA and many are from impoverished backgrounds.”

Note the “if it wants to” there.  Isn’t it likely that there are programs out there that would like to do just that?

By the way, speaking of court rulings, it looks like Kessler’s suit is going as well for the NCAA as O’Bannon did.


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2 responses to ““… there is no need to wait for a ruling from the courts”

  1. W Cobb Dawg

    Sure is taking its sweet time going through the courts…


  2. AusDawg85

    Emmert to his lawyers and pals in the bar…”We’ll beat Kessler, or at least keep them tied-up in appeals until this all goes away. No need to worry. Say…what’s going on in the Cosby retrial?”