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“The information is power.”

Some of y’all have mentioned Trent Thompson leaving school early for the NFL draft, only to go undrafted.  For us, he’s the face of this statistic:

Thompson was one of 37 of a record 106 underclassmen who declared to go undrafted, according to NFL.com.

So if you’re a kid who leaves early, you’ve got roughly a one-in-three chance of not being drafted.  With that kind of percentage, someone needs to explain why it’s a bad thing for kids like Thompson — and note that he has signed a pro contract post-draft — not to have the option of returning to school if his dreams aren’t met.

Would it lead to some potentially messy roster management issues?  Perhaps.  But I’m guessing if Kirby has his druthers, he’s rather have that problem than losing a talented, experienced kid for good.



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“My goal is to finish my coaching career at The U.”

Whatever else you might say, you have to give Mark Richt high marks for consistency.


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Amateurism? Forget the players.

Think of the coaches!

Currently, a substantial portion of the money generated by athletes is flowing to both school administrators and coaches. What the coaches receive illustrates the problem. An NBA coach tends to be paid only about 2.4% of an NBA team’s revenue. A top men’s college basketball coach, though, tends to receive about 27.1% of their team’s revenue. If college coaches were paid the same share of revenue as we see in the NBA, a coach like John Calipari would see his pay go from more than $7 million to less than $700,000.

And this is why true reform is probably not coming to the NCAA anytime soon.

No shit.


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If you look up “not rebuilding, but reloading” in the dictionary…

It’s not amazing that Alabama set a new program and Southeastern Conference-record with 12 total players drafted this weekend.

What’s amazing is that Alabama set a new program and Southeastern Conference-record with 12 total players drafted this weekend and is still one of the favorites to win this season’s national championship.


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Today, in analogies

What Central Florida is to the national championship, Tennessee’s coaching staff is to the NFL draft.

I just wonder how they’re going to replace all that departing talent.


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