If you look up “not rebuilding, but reloading” in the dictionary…

It’s not amazing that Alabama set a new program and Southeastern Conference-record with 12 total players drafted this weekend.

What’s amazing is that Alabama set a new program and Southeastern Conference-record with 12 total players drafted this weekend and is still one of the favorites to win this season’s national championship.


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  1. Granthams replacement

    That’s why Kirby has a few more recruiting cycles to be at bama’s level. I believe the OL TEs and backs are there, possibly OLB. Kirby is way ahead on placekickers.


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    With the drop down to a #6 recruiting class, I’m thinking the outgoing talent may be considerably better than the incoming. That and the heavier turnover in assistants make them less formidable. I think 2017 represents the beginning of the end of bama’s dominance.


    • DoubleDawg1318

      The 2017 class they signed was the best in the modern era and their impact is just starting to be felt. They can survive one “bad” year if they jump back up like they’re trending with the 2019 class. The run is far from over.

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  3. TnDawg

    Off topic, but wasn’t Trenton Thompson a JR? Not drafted, free agent signing by the Browns.


    • Vidaliaway

      Yep. We would take him back in a heartbear (if only the rules could be changed…)

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    • Yeah, he made a terrible decision to go pro now – was viewed as having 1st round potential after his soph season, but regressed this past year. Not sure if his “medical condition” that caused him to miss spring practice was the cause or something else. That being said I don’t know his family situation, and it’s his career. Some of these guys and their families really need money, so going pro asap is understandable. Just feel he left a lot of $$ out there potentially.

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    • Terrible decision to leave early … hopefully, he sticks.


  4. doofusdawg

    And we had them dead to rights in the championship game if not for several bad calls and one missed assignment. Their 2016 class will mark the end of their domination… although it might take several years to play out. Then they have to deal with a coaching change.

    Going to be interesting when they offer Kirby eight figures.


    • Russ

      Haven’t you heard? Kirby is “a spiteful little man”. Oh, and he took a picture of a white board back in 2015.


      • Speaking of that whiteboard, has anybody ever bothered to mention that our 2016 recruiting class was largely built by the previous staff with Kirby hanging on in admirable fashion ? What, exactly, did the whiteboard screenshot in late December / early January (1-1.5months before signing day) do to help Georgia’s cause ? The hay was in the barn by the time that infamous picture was taken (if that even happened)…….we didn’t steal anything from Alabama in the 2016 class.


  5. Hill Billy Dawg

    Second part of that definition reads UGA and CKS. I’ve said it for the last two recruiting cycles that I felt he-CKS -was the power behind the throne. Bama is still damn good to be sure, but IMHO we will see the title game rematch in December.


    • junkyardawg41

      It would explain Saban going after coaches who are perceived to be excellent recruiters and good coaches versus excellent coaches and good recruiters.