“My goal is to finish my coaching career at The U.”

Whatever else you might say, you have to give Mark Richt high marks for consistency.


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    But another double pay year wouldn’t be bad either…. 🙂


  2. LogDawg

    Obviously, glad we made the change and love CKS and his entire staff! With that said, after years of corruption and off the field issues, CMR is the best fit for the U. Mark gives them consistency, both in wins on the field and in February (and now December) off the field.
    I went from hate to love in a 24 hour period.
    I watched half of their games every year. College football is better when the U is a national power. They keep good players away from FL and he owns the Johnson from ATL. Win, win in my books…go canes and GO DAWGS!!!


  3. Russ

    Now we know what Richt really hates.


    Can’t say that I blame him.


    • PTC DAWG

      I’ll give you that…


      • Bright Idea

        Richt’s public stance about a lifetime appointment ultimately bit him in the butt at UGA. The administration took him for granted and did little to support him. He quietly accepted that and complacency grew like mold. All of a sudden they decided to get into the football business and Richt was out.


  4. Not sure what to think about this … hopefully, the staff was up front with Walthour during the recruiting process.



  5. DoubleDawg1318

    Why wouldn’t that be his goal? If your employer holds onto you until your retirement then they must find you valuable. I’d love to be so good in my career that my employer wants to keep me around until I leave on my own terms.


    • Mayor

      The problem is if you announce you never will leave on your own that (1) takes away the threat real or imagined that you’ll leave if mistreated and (2) pours cold water on other potential job offers, further opening the door to possible mistreatment by your current employer. Sort of like if the US announced it would never use nuclear weapons–the deterrent disappears.


      • Macallanlover

        I understand your rationale, but the craziness is those who take a character/integrity demonstration by Mark Richt and attempt to turn it into a negative. But in this bizarro world we live in these days, nothing surprises me much. Things we have known to have admired and trust in our society for generations are routinely attacked now by those who cannot ever hope to live up to high standards. The goal must be to drag others down to their level. Ain’t happening flakes.


        • ASEF

          It is an admirable sentiment. It is also BS in the world of coaching, especially CFB. His goal should be to figure out why his teams always seem to combine enormous promise with 1 or 2 WTF? games a year.

          Three coaches right now have a shot of ending their career where they are right now: Saban, Meyer, and Sweeney. That’s it. And that’s the business.


          • Erk's Forehead

            “always seem to combine enormous promise with 1 or 2 WTF? games a year”
            You mean like the a$$ whipping offensive debacle on the Plains last season?

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            • ASEF

              No, I mean getting into the Top 10 and then losing 4 straight, and then getting to 10-0 before losing the last 3 by a combined 55 points.

              Mark is just pulling his “aw shucks, I’m an honorable and righteous dude” act as a deflection from the fact that his teams routinely face plant in spectacular fashion. It worked for a time in Athens. No one’s going to give a crap in Miami.

              I like Mark as a person, but as a coach he doesn’t seem to have grown much.